Feedback on my Scripted Spawn Selector UI

I have made and scripted this spawn selector GUI that you can test here:

I would like some feedback on it.
Also this is the same ui as this post: Feedback on my Spawn Selector UI, but scripted.

Please note, some design elements had to be cut during the scripting of this.!


It’s too plain, add more details, and add an transition when he selects the map or enters it.

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Looks fun but as @geometricalC2123 said show the map by chaging the camer’a cframe or something

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I also said to add a transition when he picks the map

The scripts accomplish their purpose fine. By the way, are you still accepting feedback on the appearance of the UI (on this post) or are you only looking for opinions on the functionality?

Yes, I still am collecting feedback on the look of the UI on this post.


I updated the UI with new animations, test it here:

Make sure to break it, and tell me how you broke it.

Edit: UI seemed to have been broken. I fixed it.