Feedback on My Second UI Design

Twitter: @FAtacck
I am FireAtacck / Artist (For Hire)
Today i made my second UI Design for my tycoon game :smiley: please give a feedback


Used programs

Photoshop CC 2017

Please comment a feedback


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Everything looks good ! But the money counter looks a little off , maybe the background color?

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I think it’s cool, just fix the spacing in between each GUI.

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I really like each of the buttons! I definitely agree that the currency looks a bit off. Other than that, very well done!

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Looks good. Please make sure that you’re making the icons used though and if not, make sure they’re free.

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Looks great The twitter icon on the codes button is a little off. Try to put it in the middle like the other buttons. For the currency counter frame, I think you should change the color of grey to another color. Also, for the “$0” text and the “+” text button, I think you should take of the drop shadow. Additionally…


why is that text “+0$” on the double cash button? Also, the spacing for the currency counter frame is a bit off. Like the “$0” text is spaced out more than needed. Also, for the “+” text button, I think you should do it like your other UI design.


Overall, looks like a great UI design, but with some more work put into it, it will look better. Nice work! :+1:

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Really simple but looks good :sunglasses: