Feedback on my Shield FX

Hey Everyone,

Recently as a personal project of mine, I created a Shield FX effect using only Houdini and reading books such as Elemental Magic - The Magic of VFX to create my own shield VFX and Applied Houdini volumes 1 to 4.

There is a missing frame due to a render farm bug, but this is it finished:

I wondered if there was a way to export Houdini simulation files to Roblox at all? If anyone has any thoughts or feedback, then it’ll be greatly appreciated.


AHHHH! This is amazing! How did you do this? What program did you use? This is insane…

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That’s so cool wow nice!!!

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Houdini, I have Indie, but you can use the apprentice one which is free, but you can only have a max render resolution of 720p.

Here it is if you’re interested. Be sure to click apprentice.


I did have custom AOVs for it but never got to use them due to rendering limitations, but here are these.

I wanted to achieve an electrical effect and netting effect. I also got a normal AOV if I wanted to do an edit to the lighting in the post.


That looks so cool I like it I like the effects when it spawns and when something hits it well done hope to see it in game soon :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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