Feedback On My Showcase

I’m currently working on a showcase called “預言之城”. I started on it like about few days ago.
Link: 預言之城 - {Showcase} - Roblox


Note: THIS TOPIC’S TOP REPLIES ARE FROM WHEN IT WAS OLD. THE GAME IS NOW MORE “EDITED” BY ME. Play with max graphics for the best experience.

So what are you opinions on this?


The camera movement is really odd. The game is actually quite laggy, and the houses feel copy pasted down the whole street. But not bad for a starting point. Everyone has to start somewhere


I’m not so sure why its laggy. Imma check out why it keeps on lagging.

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Hey, I really like the showcase music and the vibe it’s giving off. My feed back for this is you could also play with the terrain a little bit and add more street props, to you know… give the showcase a bit more to show. I also noticed patches in the ground near the roads were missing, which were very noticeable. But overall I think the game looks amazing so far, keep going man.

Pics of the terrain missing:

Edit: Chairs a bit too big for my liking haha


Hey pralex! Thanks for the feedback! I will be sure to do more terrain designs and add street props. I will also make more to show. Btw if you go to the highest floor of the dojo thing then walk into the light effect and then you will be teleported to another one of my creations. Also, the terrain near the roads were an accident, ty for showing me where there are still missing terrain. I will use your feedback in the next update!

Have an awsome day!
Kind Regards, Intrepid


Yo, the showcase looks cool, I always love Japanese themed places. Here’s what I think needs to be looked at:

From the game pictures I saw, I feel like the atmosphere is a bit too bright. Try making the white neon windows a darker shade of white so it wouldn’t be so bright. And the camera movement seems a little sluggish when I move it.

Also, try mixing up the building styles a bit, it gets stale when you copy and paste buildings in one path.

Overall, not bad.


Yo, cool showcase but can be improved, the only issue I have when my graphics are up is that neon parts flickers. If I’m not wrong, it is caused by the lighting. Awesome showcase! Gave it a thumbs up.

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Awesome! Just a little too blurry, it makes my eyes water


Oh, thats new. I’m going to check what is causing that immediatly. Thank you for telling me! Your feedback is really appreciated.

Wait a minute. I just joined the game right now, that problem dosen’t seem to appear to me. I put max graphics on.