Feedback on my space game

Hello, I’m currently working on a space game where you can build rockets and launch them into space.
I’m a bit lost on what I should add though, so feel free to reply with some ideas.

Here are some previews(there’s not much right now):

Here’s the game(there are a lot of bugs, please reply if you find any): Rocket Demo - Roblox


Would be cool if you made it into some war style game :thinking:

It may be old but maybe take minecraft rocket wars for inspiration (I thinks that what’s it’s called, may be missile wars)


the sky looks a bit too realistic for the game

perhaps you can change the skybox so it fits with the art style of the game, it seems that your game uses a simplistic art style, so maybe you should use a simple skybox with it, stars and a small rate of galaxy effect.

but it looks cool non the less, you did a pretty good job :+1:


I love it! Looks clean. Maybe make the planets larger?

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Roblox could use a space simulation game. I really like what you are doing, it would really suit a war game. I am a Kerbonaut so space sims are kind of my thing. I would really like an accurate space simulation game.

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I agree like 1 million percent. It’d be really cool for a space simulation game.

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yeah. the best thing we have right now is starscape. i completely agree. we need some space simulation games.

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I was actually creating one of these, I later gave up because nobody else saw my passion for a Kerbal type space game.

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ouch. i feel horrible DO SOME JUSTICE FOR SCI- FI FANS!!!

Actually your right, I’m gonna do this. I’ll create this game for all space fans! Would you like to join the project?

hmm… i dont really know about that though. ive never worked on projects and im kinda nervous about that

Alright, let’s break this down!

I have a few fixer upper ideas!

  • I love the spaceship placement system. I mean most placing system are stud by stud, but I just love how the placement system has that stud by stud system. Like when your about to place something, you can easily match it up with other pieces because there is no “free roam” placing, meaning, your system isn’t like you have to aim where you want to place your item. (not sure if this makes sense but i think you know what i mean)

  • I think it would be awesome if you would add a shop and sell area ON the same planet. It would make the players think this game is not a “pay to win” (no offense) and they don’t have to buy some sort of game pass such as “Teleport to anywhere!” game pass or else they walk or work hard for money then buy a rocket ship and fly all over there.

  • Also, possible try adding NPC’s that come over sometimes and you can interact with the NPC. The NPC would be a investor sometimes, or sometimes a robber, and you can fight them off for money, and if you lose, you lose some money, and if you win, you win a lottery. (sarcasm)

To conclude, I honestly really love the idea of the space ship game. I think it has a lot of potential. Try reading my suggestions and see if you can match something up! I would love to see this game in the future!

Best of luck,
6QL4 :smiley:

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I have a few ideas:

  • Decoration parts with the option to have a move increment for placement or not. I’ve seen in games such as Spore and Build Your Own Mech where people get really creative with stuff like this

  • Different goals in the game and maybe awards for doing so, such as making it to the moon or different planets

  • More technical parts such as fuel silos and stuff that will make the simulation part of the game more fleshed out, if you decide to go for the more realistic simulation route that is

Really cool and smooth previews, I wish you luck :+1:t2:

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