Feedback on my UGC: Red Fox Hat

I just uploaded another UGC speed-video after being declined for UGC the last run. How does this look?

I have some of my other work posted here, including as of right now 2 other videos formatted the same.


Hai @Empress_Rycia your UGC item looks great!:+1: I have one suggestion though: If you are able to, I think if the Red Fox Hat🦊 had a fur like texture to it that would make it look more amazing than it already is in my opinion.

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You’re very talented. I have no doubt you’ll be accepted in the next run. Can’t wait to try your hats!!

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wait what does that mean? 30 letters dasd

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I ran 2 times now and got declined through both.

I can make the fur, definitely, but I’m not the best at it because I entirely use mouse (with good tracking) and not a pressure-sensitive drawing pad. Substance painter has a follow option to make strokes a lot smoother for mouse, but I usually draw, go back, and erase for sharp edges. I done this for years and sometimes I have lines cleaner than what I’d get with a tablet.