Feedback on my UI

Hey, my name is Valkedd, I am new to UI designing. I have around 1 month of experience and i’d like any type of feedback or support. Thanks! grin

(sorry for low quality)


This is very nice work for only one month of experience. In particular, I think you’ve done a great job with the composition of your UI.

If I were to offer any constructive feedback, I think one of the things you might be able to improve on is the use of contrasting colours in your work. Some of the bright colours, such as the light greens and white, don’t contrast very well and it makes the text a little bit difficult to read. This is most noticeable in your “Claim” and “Yes” buttons.

In relation to your logos, I think the same could be said about the colours not quite contrasting as well as you might’ve envisioned. You’ve managed the nail the colours on your “Aureus Studios” logo but some of the text on the “Black Hole Simulator” and “Grass Simulator” logos is difficult to read or make out. In the case of “Grass Simulator”, the use of very similar shades of green in the word “Grass” makes the text appear slightly blurry and creates the illusion that it’s out of focus.

All in all though, you’ve clearly made incredibly progress for someone with only one month of experience. As you improve your skills over time, I imagine the use of contrasting colours becoming second nature to you. You have a lot of potential!


I will make use of all of this information and feedback, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

I would recommend using #development-discussion:cool-creations for any feedback you need.
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1 month of experience but you label yourself as a “professional UI artist” – i’d just stick with “UI artist” for now.

lots of things look really good functionally, but nothing i’ve never seen in ROBLOX before. same rounded boxes with stripes and bright colours, some of which don’t go well together (very neon green with a white for the "yes’ button isn’t very easy to see, and the “daily reward” header is way too bright). i think you should make a name for yourself by being unique. some of the advanced GUIs look quite good and you should make things of that caliber your standard.

for a month of experience it’s pretty impressive, but there’s still a road ahead. keep working and find your own style!

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Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated. :smiley: