Feedback on my UI

I am working on an open world rpg game, and I want feedback

I’d say the worst part about the game currently is the UI. I am not and never have been good at it so I came here for feedback on how to make it better and what I should keep the same.

This picture shows the inventory, equipment, healthbar, rank, and home button.

any and all feedback is wanted, all criticism be as hard as possible.


Worst thing? Nah bro. The ui looks really good. I like the orange part transitioning into yellow. I just dont think equipment should be there. Just make inventory bigger and at the bottom make it like a tab where you can put the equipment the players holding. But other then that, looks good bro.


I’m not sure if I really have the right to give feedback since I’m not that experienced with UI but I think it looks pretty cool & vibrant.


  • It’s Very Vibrant
  • The Rank & what I believe Is The HP Bar looks pretty cool as well


  • The UI on the bottom left & the UI for the Equipment & Inventory don’t exactly match. One is light & virbant while the other looks more dark & mysterious

Either way, I think you’re doing a pretty good job!

Nice work, but you need to work with the gradient a little bit more and if its an RPG game I’d rather see colors that fit RPG games like black, white or grey

Keep it up!

Pretty nice, I like the gradients, however the text looks a bit odd, as it has an outline (I think) try using text without an outline, the font “Gotham Semibold” Will look amazing with this. The healthbar also does not match, consider making the healthbar a lighter red, and changing the text from black to white.

Everything else is perfect, the equipment feels super empty though tbh, try adding something to those empty spaces

The healthbar color and size matches how much health you have its just that im in studio and thats how I left it sorry lmao.

but I will take your word for the text

Using the feedback that ive gotten so far, this is how I updated it.

The inventory, healthbar and rank ui didnt get as much criticism, it was mostly the equipment ui. I left the rank and healthbar the same, changed the text on the equipment and inventory title, and made alot of changes to the actual equipment menu.


So you want to make a better UI?


Whenever I have issues like this, I go look at games similar to what I’m making. What do they do in terms of UI? If there’s one that I really like, I might take a screenshot of it, make some measurements and apply it to my game (with my own personal touch, of course).

In the end, there’s not a single “right answer” when it comes to UI. As long as it’s pleasing to the eye and easy to follow, you’re good.


It’s decent. I like the style. Good work.

Its ok. The style is great. The equipment one kinda looks messy.

It’s a definite improvement to the original GUI. Good job! ^-^

Agreed it looks better now with text, though add a little bit more detail.

Looks pretty good!
I dont see any problem with it, the UI itself is amazing.