Feedback on my vibe like game

Hello, Developers, I have a game called “The Universe” It’s a vibe like game, and I’m wanting to hear your feedback. I’m also looking forward to sponsoring it. I currently have 110 robux. And I want your general opinion of how much I should sponsor it for. I also made a different topic about the same manner. But I didn’t get alot of people to reply. So I’m gonna do this again with some more stuff, I hope you all can answer. Here’s the original post: Feedback on a vibe type game
Now the game link is,
The Universe - Roblox
I’m looking forward to your answers.

Make sure the ad pops to the view, do horizontal ad since I’m pretty sure most people look at ads on both sides of the screen (left and right). I’m not a sponsor genius but someone with enough sponsor experience can help you out

Also add bit more things into the game because all it has is that donation billboard and nothing really else, also lighting is a bit hurtful for the eyes (for me, not sure about others)

Overall the game is simple and basic :+1: but try to add more details or something in the game and the thumbnail.

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