Feedback on my Village (W.I.P)

This is my first post! I would like to recieve some feedback on my Medieval Styled Village, as I stated in the title… It’s a work in progress! Don’t be afraid to leave any suggestions that are a bit harsh but truthful! (I know I need to add some chimneys)


Very nice build! I like the theme of the houses, but I think you should add more to the ground.

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I agree with @SilentSeedsYT , try adding grass or pathways on the ground.


Looks interesting has that attractive feel to it!

The map looks good at the start since it’s still in development! Perhaps add a few props such as tools, equipment, stacked hay or objects, barrel, ect. There could possibly be things around the area trees - logs something so it won’t look boring and plain in the background as suggested above place other equipment on the side of the house’s.

I am not sure if that is already planned out, but it’ll be a nice addition to add. I’d recommend adding some chimneys to a few of the houses so it don’t show a repetitive or similar design roof you could always switch it up by placing things like tiles just to add cover?

Good build i’d be interested to see the final product. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t see the purple light from the houses being natural. I rarely see people using purple lightning, especially the time era your village takes place in. It just looks odd to me.

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Add paths leading too the well, grass, bushes surrounding the house maybe fences around the whole thing or maybe trees? I love the houses! Keep up the good work:)

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