Feedback on my zombie (v2)

A day ago i made a zombie just for fun: Feedback on my zombie
So now i decided to make a better version:
2020-12-11 (17)
2020-12-11 (18)
2020-12-11 (19)
2020-12-11 (20)

What you think about it?
(This is a simple project made for fun, and i am very new at studio, so maybe i did some mystakes)


It’s definitely very improved, but use something else other than granite for the skin. This is a criticism that still sticks. Other than that, some parts still stick out, but you have definitely improved.


Thank you, for me, i think that the best material for skin is granite, for me the other materials dont fit with the zombie, but thank you for the feedback! :smiley:

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If that’s the case, try mixing materials then, granite definitely does not mix well with the face decal you used.


It looks a little better i personally dont like the knife in the zombie and how long the right arm is. I also think that is a bit too much brain but if the game its being used in has the same style i think it will do ok.

First, it was not knife, it was a arrow, i think i made it too big :rofl:
I will fix the arm and it is not being used to a game

I like the model of the zombie. The doctors will be like “Hmm, interesting specimen”


Seriously, nicely done but I wish that the bones of the zombies looks more whitetish and also the look from the second picture (from under), on one side it looks like a robot human leg, or a stone leg, some sort, but i like the basic idea of it.

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Thank you for the feedback, i made the bones the most white i can do, the other whites are darker

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