Feedback on Narrative-based Showcase

I recently released the first version of a game that I’ve been working on for a few weeks.
At the moment it’s a simple exploration game where you uncover the story behind a mysterious disappearance. It’s up to you to figure out what happened by exploring an island where the event took place.

I also plan to add more narrative pieces to the story, and also puzzles that reveal hidden areas in the near future.


What a beautiful game - a lovely atmosphere that is welcoming in every form. I have a few notes (haha get it?)
1, the title card at the start is very goofy-looking in contrast to the actual game.
2, that basement door in the cabin should not have an interaction as I spent some time trying to find a key to open it, only to shiftlock to find nothing.
3, zooming out can give my computer a stutter so maybe limit how far you can zoom out.

Other than that it’s a very lovely game that doesn’t really need any changes that would make it a better or lesser experience


Looks nice, i like the procedural footsteps. When you first join the game, a little text introduction of the storyline and objective would be nice. There is a ton of proximity prompts, especially in the house, which cover up my phone screen.


Pretty sure this is the greatest showcase I have ever played (Even though I haven’t played many of them)

  • I really like the small interactions like sitting down, laying down, opening curtains and the notes of course

  • Lighting is great, especially inside. Sometimes it feels like reality

  • Atmosphere is lovely, it makes me really chill. Music playing from the radio in the house makes me feel… Cannot really describe that feeling

  • Use of the PBR textures did the house really well

Although there’s a issue. You need to work a bit on the title screen, it looks a bit bad.


Ty for the feedback so far! I’m going to work on redoing the title screen, removing some features from the story that haven’t been added to the game yet, and some other much-needed changes.


The house is a bit too high up and needs a bit more exterior detail but otherwise great build!


Fantastic work, this was awesome! While I haven’t played the games that inspired this, I love how the light and simple audio and gameplay compliment the story and environment well, both of which are great. As another commenter said, the ambience of the house and the outdoors match with the radio’s tone to create a very melancholic feeling, I think. Everything comes together to give this game a very unique feel.
Really, my only criticism is that inspecting objects can be pretty finicky with a mouse, it tends to not rotate in the direction/axis you want.

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