Feedback on Nature Build

First of all Merry Christmas to ya’ll.
I hope you all have a great day! :wink:

So yesterday (christmas day) i decided to create a nature build.
I’ve used blender to make the Bushes Terrain etc,
i would like some feedback on how i can improve this build.

If this can be sold please put a price for how much this can be sold for.
Hope you all have a good New Years!


Looks good, however, it could be improved. I’d say it is currently within the 50 - 100 R$ range

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First of all, there isn’t any global shadows, making the game very bland, and second of all those trees could be improved greatly. The berries of the bushes are way to big and repetitive, experiment with moving scaling, and rotation them so it looks more natural. Other than that, good job!

It’s a good start, but I really need to stress that the way you’re using the term “low poly” is incorrect. This is flat shading and textureless. Assets made with a low polygon count are used as a way to save memory use by making games run smoother because there’s less polygons to render and have very little to do with a visual style. The visual “style” here is flat shading.

As for the composition of the scene, as said above, lighting is an important factor, but also that it’s just the same assets copied around so there’s nothing that’s the focus of the scene - much like photography. Give people something to look at, a detailed rock, a statue covered in moss, a picnic, whatever you feel like adding.


The bushes are pretty good, and the terrain is good as well.

However, the trees look flat and… like an afterthought. The square tree trunk and always basic cone shape are detrimental to the tree looking well thought out and having character. Also, looking at the image of the world as a whole, it looks like it would be rather hard to navigate as an actual player, although I may be incorrect and the hills are smaller then they look.

My suggestion would be to put some more time in with the trees and play around with the lighting service in your game to give it more dimension.

I get this is meant to be low poly, but there needs to be more detail and color

The colors are way too harsh on the eyes and the trees could use some work. Not bad at all, though.

I actually like it. But I think that there is just one more thing this is missing, that is lighting. This could be sold from 120-200 Robux.

I see you are going for a low-poly style. Well, the map overall looks good and I love it, but I would change a few things:

  • As many people said above, the trees need more detail, they just look flat and fat, in my opinion, you should narrow them a bit.
  • You should also use ROBLOX’s new lightning, it would blend in really well with the style and vibrant colors you are going with.
  • Details are very important, that’s why you should create at least 2 or 3 tree and bushes types and rotate each one randomly. You could change the size and amount of berries on the bushes and the overall shape of the bush. As for trees, you should make each one differently sized, for example, one should be tall but narrow, and others should be short and wide.
  • I can’t see that well from the angels you have taken the screenshots in, but you should make some hills higher than the others, they shouldn’t vary drastically though.

Personally I wouldn’t pay more than 50R$ for this, however, some people may range it up to 100R$ or slightly more.

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