Feedback on new game, Difficulty Chart Obby!

Hello! Our team at Glided Games has just released our new obby! We would like you to check it out and give us some feedback!



It’s not exactly anything revolutionary, it’s your standard obby game, nothing too interesting. Not much that separates it from the hundreds of other obby games.

Thats the point, its a blocky obby game that is just like any other from old times! The blocky feel is supposed to bring back the old feel. And there is more features to come as well, we just released tomorrow! But players love our game and have spent nearly 1k robux on it, from separate people!

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I just don’t think it can compete with all the other obby games. Good luck to you and your future ventures.

The game’s very generic, it looks like a normal difficulty obby. There’s not much uniqueness to it, and the gameplay is very similar to many obbies on Roblox. And a side note: the GUIs seem very large on mobile, making it a bit hard to move around. On my computer it seems fine. I recommend you try to add some more unique aspects to the game, so your game doesn’t get crushed by the other thousands of difficulty chart games on Roblox. Good luck! :heart:


Thanks! We are actually trying to find someone for the uis so we already are working on that!

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Pretty basic. I am not sure how you managed to spend over 1k robux on the game. I played the game I liked it, but it was basic. There is some bugs, but I don’t think you need to spend a whole lot of money on this game.

This thread has already been a little harsh but let me share some advice. Firstly, you’ll get better feedback from us if you don’t try to defend or explain yourself. We respect you. Even if we don’t like your game, that doesn’t mean we think any less of you personally.

Secondly, I disagree with the others here about it being too generic. I don’t think that’s the issue. There are plenty of generic obbies that do well. How are they different from your game? They appeal to their target audience with bright colors and fun shapes. The people who played obbies in 2010 are older now. Most of them don’t play obbies anymore. The old Roblox aesthetic isn’t a good theme for this kind of game. I suggest reviewing your competitors to dissect their aesthetic appeal.

Good game, but a basic game, maybe you add more features in it.

You’ve made 1k robux when it has 111 visits? Are the players that spent robux friends of yours?

Oh no, we didnt spend that, thats what our player base has spent on it in the past day, also the amount is up to 1.4k

nope! We had a few, that were, most were not!

Thanks for feedback, I was just sharing what was going on with it. And not only is the blocky feel just to appeal to our audience, its also to appeal to myself, ive always loved the old roblox feel, and I wanted this obby project to go along with it!

It looks good! But there are some few things that I think could be better. In the image above, there’s the torso with the head of a woman in a stage and there wasn’t anyone in the server, I don’t know if that was the purpose or it shouldn’t be there.

Also some of the parts aren’t aligned correctly as you can see in the images above.
Those are some details that can make a big difference. I hope this helped and keep working :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! My scripter made that green stage, and didn’t put much effort into it I think. I will fix that now! And as for the girl in that stage, it was the the thumbnail, we forgot to remove it after we took it!

Also some checkpoints aren’t working. When you go to the stage 68, the checkpoints stop working and if you die, you start from a blue stage checkpoint. You should fix all that bugs to make it look better. Have a good day!

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Yep! We are working on that, my scripter has pulled an all-nighter last night and is doing the same tonight to ensure all of the bugs have been fixed!

I played it and it was just fine, I guess. I feel like there really isn’t anything special about it compared to other difficulty/hardcore obbies. A large majority of difficulty obbies utilize the Jupiter’s Towers of Hell kit, which feature massive amounts of intricate mechanics, which at least give the advantage of uniqueness in a way. I didn’t really get too far into the obby since I got bored pretty fast, but its fine.

There isn’t really much that stands out with this obby that helps you differentiate from all the other obbies to offer on this website.

There are also a lot of minor nitpicks I have, such as misalignment issues, z-fighting, etc. but they don’t really take away from the actual gameplay. It just bothers me.

Yes, I agree, we are actually working on fixing bugs right now, and the obby is aimed towards 6-10 yr olds, younger kids, therefore we made it sort of easy at the start, and we are working on fixing the misalignments, also may I ask how to fix z-fighting? I am a new builder. And our plans to help us stand out in the future, is to add levels, and currency, you get levels by each stage you complete, and when you finish a level you get a coin, which you can spend on a trail, more expensive trails will cost more, of course.

Z-Fighting is actually relatively easy to fix.
Griffswagger made a pretty decent tutorial on fixing it his Terrain tutorial video, click here to look at it.

On a side note, adding more levels and currency is a good step in the right direction, though trails are a cosmetic thing.
You should also add other mechanics. I’d love to see an obstacle course with mechanics like double jumping, wall-running, etc.
Though good luck on your game