Feedback on new game "get milk at midnight"

Hello! Along with the help of Roblox user “johnnyry2008”(Who doesn’t have a devforum account) We have created a game called “get milk ad midnight” It is inspired by get a snack at 4 am simulator and we have worked hard to make it.

Before I continue I would like to say that THERE ARE NO FREE MODELS. Absolutely none. All of it is created by me and johnnyry2008.

Anyways, there are 4 endings so far:

Milk ending: 2 possibilities

spoiled milk ending: 1 possibilities

cheese ending: 2 possibilities

dehydration: 2 possibilities

there are a total of 7 ways to get an ending in this game. Note that this is the first release and more updates are to come.

Anyways here’s the game:

(I’m posting this before I go to bed so I can’t respond to yalls questions)

How to get milk ending: First way: Get milk from fridge and go to bed. Second way get milk from fridge and throw it away in trashcan:

how to get spoiled milk ending: drink the spoiled milk from the laundry room

how to get cheese ending: Take milk out of fridge and wait for 30 seconds. the milk will then turn to cheese. give cheese to rathole in bedroom. second way: go to basement and get the cheese from there. Give it to the rathole

how to get the dehydration ending: Go back to bed. Wait until clock says 7:00 in hallway

Also I forgot to mention the player has a major milk addiction and its really the only thing the player consumes

Updates: Talk speed is faster, shower head looks better, anchored unanchored parts, fixed glitches dialog

just for the record, this is merely a demo of the full game. The game in its entirety is going to be pretty big. here’s the full map:

I hope you guys enjoy what we have so far. Remember that there is a lot more to come


I’d say the game is pretty good but here are somethings.

  • The UI’s are ugly.
  • The doors look like they don’t fit in the house, maybe change the color.

Besides that I’ve seen a lot of different types of these games.

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The place was too crowded and cramped, making it harder to navigate. You should create more space, leaving more room to walk around.

You should also maybe make the text box a bit smaller and the character to be more “symmetrical” because it looks like it’s being squeezed.

Also, I’m not sure if you’re planning on adding this later on but a game icon and thumbnail would make the game more attractive. Badges for each ending would also be cool, like for the “get a snack at 4 am” game.


having a badge for every ending would be pretty expensive considering our budget is 0 lol. Especially since there is going to be TONS more places. what we have now is like 1/20 of the final game. For reference, here’s what the entire game is gonna be:

I will fix the character issue as soon as I get back to studio, and for the smaller space, I’ll see what I can do. And yes, I am planning on adding a thumbnail and icon.

Thanks for the feedback!


I completely agree lol, the ui is pretty bad. I’m going to fix it in the next update or so, along with the door situation. This game was never intended to be popular, but rather a learning experience and hopefully an enjoyable game.


Can you send some screenshots of the interior?

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Do you mean the interior of the house?

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Alright I took screenshots of all the rooms(These pictures aren’t the best at getting the feel of the house, so I recommend playing the game yourself to really experience it):




Trophy Room:

Laundry Room:



Room next to Kitchen:

I hope this is what you were asking for


hm seems like some stuff isn’t anchored

beyblade though.

(it was much more spin before i recorded i couldn’t get it in time :sob:)

I will say, make the ‘speaking’ faster. It’s way too slow, and the sound is weird because of that and it’s kind of scary sometimes;


Hmm where’s the trophy for the beyblade ending? I can’t find it anywhere!



  1. Like @bunnisani mentioned, the text sometimes shows over the avatar and out of the gray background frame like in the example below. This can be fixed by moving the player away from the text and by making the text box boundaries stay in the gray frame.

  1. There is no way to skip the slow typewriter affect. Make it so that when the player presses the text box, the typewriter effect is skipped, or make the typewriter effect faster.

  2. Shower model needs some work

  1. Several parts including one of the cabinet knobs are unanchored, like @LucasTutoriaisSaimo


  1. Instead of kicking the player, the game should just start over instead. This would make it so that the player doesn’t need to load the game every time there is an ending.

  2. The clock temporarily shows :60 before going to the next hour. Make sure your for loop that you use only goes to 59 instead of 60.

  1. Found a pretty weird glitch in the game that occurs when you repeatedly press the interact button to the room that the developers are working on.

Otherwise, I love this game and I can’t wait for future updates to it!

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I moved the player image out of the text, as for the text leaving the frame, that’s a more difficult issue as the textbox itself is the gray frame except with a ui corners property.

I made the typewriter effect quicker, if it needs to be more quick let me know!

For the shower model, I decided to go ahead and make a quick one in blender lol:

All parts that I saw unanchored have been anchored. Please let me know if you see anymore!

I personally like kicking the player, as I don’t have to clean up the map, but I may change it

the clock is fixed

I fixed the glitch by adding a quick debounce, 6 seconds to be exact!

Thanks for the amazing feedback!

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Thy bay blade is no more, the culprit was an unanchored piece of spilt milk. I did make it so the milk doesn’t glitch out when you click a lot. The voice is sped up and sounds a little bit better.

Thanks for the feedback!

I honestly think you should just stray away from the “simplicity is funny” type of game. There are so many flaws with those games, and you should just honestly go with something more unique.

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Well the game isn’t really supposed to be popular, I’m creating it because I want to have have a fun time. People playing the game is really just a bonus for me. Also a lot of games have gotten popular from tis type of game. Such as get a snack at 4 am simulator which this game was inspired by. The game is more of a learning experience.

I got the ending milk when I just slept without getting milk. Add something to check if they have drank the milk so they can get the ending.

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Alright, it’s fixed. I accidentally forgot to add something to the code. It should give you the “Dehydration” ending now

Overall 7.5 out of 10, theirs a door glitch were the door clips through the wall, the icon, and also a tight area with the games house ( The Main Area ) feeling kind of empty and tight


Reminds me of get a snack at 4am. Is the text supposed to tween from the left side? Also the character when talking is pretty small, try scaling it.


What do you mean by the text tweening from the left side?

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