Feedback on old passenger train carriages

Here’s a little project I did in 2 days. This build features a passenger train with scenery, the Future lighting technology, and some lighting effects.

Feedback will be very much appreciated as always.

A YouTube video of the inside:

And for those who want to see the outside which is not meant to be seen:


You are a great builder!! its clean and neat!! welldone!


In my opinion, the outside roof is a bit too pointy for a train carriage. Maybe try using Archimedes by @Scriptos, but over GG!

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Agreed. Thank you for your feedback!

Changes have been applied and looks much nicer now. Thank you!

Looks great! Although, If you’re going for a realistic look, I’d detail the wheels a bit more.

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Yep that roof looks much better, and as other people pointed out this train carriage is amazing, just the right amount of detail and everything.

Honestly, the only work that can be made would be work on its outside. However, as you yourself mentioned, since people can’t really see it from the outside, this is optional.

Other than that, it is amazing, and I can’t wait to see something like this be put to good use!

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