Feedback on our new game Spinning Color Block!

Howdy Y’all! Me and my team released a new game today, and we are wanting some feedback from you lovely people!

Here’s a link to the game: (You need 2 or more players to start playing, bu there should be people playing)

We are working on ingame player feedback at the moment but would also enjoy a more experienced set of feedback! Anything helps! Thanks!


I played it briefly and enjoyed it a lot. The aspect of the blocks rotating is an original idea that separates it from most “survive by colour” games by adding a touch of parkour to the mix.

The only question I have is whether a match can go on forever if two players never die. If this is the case, a tiebreaker might be a good idea.

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Thanks for the feedback!

The timer for how long you have until the blocks disappear starts at 13 seconds, and slowly goes down as the rounds go on, until eventually there is only 1 second left to get to a block, so eventually they will die.

Thanks for playing :slight_smile:


Great job! It’s an awesome game. It reminds me of Epic minigames for some reason!
All though I don’t have premium, I love the premium feature you added there. Great way to gain more players like that!

Ever thought of improving the UI? You could improve it much more take a look at this

Overall, amazing job keep up the great work.


Thank you for the feedback! We were talking about improving this as well!

Thanks for the plugin thread! I appreciate it! :slight_smile: Thanks for playing!

I played it, it was quite fun actually. Different than other “Color Block” games because of the rotating hexagon feature. The UI and the game itself felt messy. Maybe remake the UI and make a few changes to the lobby. Definitely not a bad game tho. I can definitely see the younger audience enjoy this alot! You and your team did a way better job than the other Block Party games ive seen so far.


Thanks! We’re working on the UI, actually.

Thanks for playing :slight_smile: