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'Lo! I introduce to you, uiDesign Plus and uiDesign Lite!

uiDesign is a Plugin I have created to help streamline the development of UIs. After the release of Roundify over a year ago, I’ve decided to create a new plugin that includes Roundify (bigger and better of course) as well as some more features!

Why do I have a “Lite” and a “Plus” version? Good question! uiDesign Lite is a free version that will always be free, but it will be limited in features and functionality. Love uiDesign Lite but want some more features? No problem! uiDesign Plus is available for a one time payment of only 100 robux.

The list of features, images, and instructions can be found below.

uiDesign Plus


Drop Shadow

Position Ui

Class Converter

Create Ui

uiDesign Lite


Drop Shadow

Create Ui



Drop Shadow

The other features are fairly straight forward on what they do. :slight_smile:

Information & Usage

Adds Rounded Corners to your Ui Element

  • Size is the size of the rounded corner. It ranges from 2-100 pixels.
  • IsBorder determines whether or not it will create a border when roundified.
  • AutoAdjustZIndex will adjust the ZIndex so you have the most desirable outcome.
  • GlobalZIndex makes sure your UI is Global vs Sibling (for best outcomes, leave it checked).

Select a Ui Element you wish to Roundify, adjust your above Settings and click “Roundify”

Drop Shadow

Creates a Drop Shadow for your Ui Element

  • Offset X is the offset (positive or negative) on the X-Axis
  • Offset Y is the offset (positive or negative) on the Y-Axis
  • IsText* should be enabled if you are adding a shadow to Text elements
  • AutoAdjustZIndex* will adjust the ZIndex so you have the most desirable outcome.
  • GlobalZIndex* makes sure your UI is Global vs Sibling (for best outcomes, leave it checked).
  • Color Picker* click anywhere on the gradient to select a color for the shadow
  • RGB Sliders if you have a specific RGB Value you want, you can input that or use the sliders
  • Eye Dropper* can be used to set the color picker to the color of any Ui Element you click on
  • Paint Bucket* can be used to change the color of any Ui Element to your Color Picker color

Select a Ui Element you wish to add a Shadow to, adjust your above Settings and click “Create Shadow”

Position Ui*

Adjusts the AnchorPoint and Position of your Ui to quickly be anchored in its parent.

  • Positions include, TopLeft, TopCenter, TopRight, MiddleLeft, Center, MiddleRight, BottomLeft, BottomCenter, BottomRight

Select a Ui Element you wish to Position, adjust your above Settings and click “Position Ui”

Class Converter*

Converts Ui Elements to another Class

Select a Ui Element you wish to Convert to a different Class, select the class in the plugin window, and click “Convert”

Create Ui

Inserts a new Ui Element into whatever you have selected.

Select a UiElement (or StarterGui), choose your class to insert, and click “Create Ui”

*only available in uiDesign Plus

Please keep in mind there may be some bugs. If found, don’t hesitant to reply to this post, shoot me a message on the DevForum, or on Discord. Stelrex#9881

I appreciate everyone who uses this and I truly hope this is useful for you!

I appreciate everyone who use uiDesign plus and uiDesign lite, I put a lot of work into these and it truly means a lot!


This seems very innovative, I know Roundify can’t exceed 25 pixels.

This might be something you could consider; a lot of people don’t use the ‘SliceType’ so instead of making like actual realistic shadows they duplicate a layer and just change the color to a darker color which doesn’t seem the best for non cartoony games.


Thank you. I am a Roundify user and the ability to add a drop shadow is very useful.

Will you be adding dynamic color selection with linear/radial gradients and such?


Looks nice! I’ll definitely be looking into the plugin for possible future use, but in the meantime, do you know if you plan to make this plugin accessible for free? You didn’t seem to mention the price of the plugin (Which is 100 robux) and whether or not it may change in the future.

I’m also curious as to how dedicated you are to this plugin, and whether or not you’ll be constantly improving it and upgrading it. Thank you!


@HonokaSakurai, So you’re suggesting adding a different sort of shadow, possibly like semi transparent edges with a slight gradient?
I’ve been hoping to do more realistic shadows, but just haven’t thought it through enough.

@EpicCheatCodes, If people are wanting that, I’ll do my best to figure out how to make it happen!

@HumorousSilence, I may end up creating a demo version of the plugin that will let you use all the features, but fairly limited.
Also, I will constantly be fixing any bugs and per people’s requests, I will do my best to get new features added.


I like where this is going so far, but I can’t help but feel as though it’s missing a few things to spice it up. I assume you’re not done with it yet, so here are a few suggestions:

  • Better UI movement and scaling via dragging (similar to Roblox’s, but using scale)

  • Ability to click a UI element on the screen to select it (possibly requiring a key to be held down)

  • Small animation settings with a preview (such as a button becoming a bit larger when moused over)

  • Possibly a straight up UI animation system, sort of like Roblox’s character animation editor (this really isn’t needed but might be nice)

  • A menu creator/editor (this is pretty vague, but basically preset menu designs that auto-scale based on how many things the user wants inside) that includes multiple styles and color options

This plugin is nice as it is, but I think even just a couple of these features would greatly improve it and would definitely get a buy from me.

Side note, the ability to convert classes is a very nice feature.


If you would add me on my discord ( Stelrex#9881 ), I’d love to talk more about these features and your ideas.

I think if you also added a feature that automatically added UiAspectRatioConstraint to this then a lot more people would purchase this because it’s a pain to scale UI correctly with tools provided by roblox.

Just a thought. :slight_smile:


Awesome, I’ll try to get that added.
If you could add me on discord (Stelrex#9881), then we could talk more about it and how it’d be most useful for you. :slight_smile:


After using this plugin regularly for weeks now, It’s really great. It speeds up things so much, especially for those times when you’re like “oh shoot that was supposed to be a button not a label” “oh yeah I can just convert it”

completely worth 100 robux, this is one of the most functional plugins ive seen so far (nice job)


It seems like a very amazing plugin, i usually have problems positioning GuiObjects because of the grid so that would be amazing for me. And its so cool that theres a lot of GUI Design features in one plugin, i used to have like 10 plugins for GUI Design that only do one thing but this is amazing!

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Thank you so much for creating this plugin! It’ll help me so much!

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If you keep adding more and more UI features to this i can see this selling 100k+ copies easily. It’s seriously a fantastic plugin and I hope to see continued additions to the product.


As somebody who uses roundify pretty much everyday, this plugin is much more useful because it comes with a ton of other goodies. Nice work!

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Thank you so much!! Are there features you would like to see added?

I used to use a Roundify Plugin, I don’t really remember the name but it makes my UI an Image instead of a Label or a Frame, and is there any way that could be avoided with this Plugin?

A round about way would be to create a roundify image and put it inside the frame instead of replacing the frame itself.
Would that suit your needs?

That would suit my needs. But still however is there any other way the Frame could fit into the whole round circle?

So you mean not even using an image for the rounded corners? If that’s the case, then no, as of now I don’t know any way to achieve that.

If you set the settings to “isBorder”, then you’ll just have to size your plugin down by twice the pixels of the roundify size (that is if you don’t want your frame to get any larger)

This seek to be a really useful for making good ui. The feature than can convert ui to other ui element is really cool.

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