Feedback on partisan knife

Hi, I am working on a somewhat realistic knife.

The story behind it:

It was made during the World war II, during the German occupation of Poland. This partisan-made knife looks weak, but is sharp and solid enough for the partisans to have it as a good, reliable tool.

Made in Blender, 2500 samples, textured in Substance Painter.


Looks a little too blocky, the partisans probs didn’t like actually holding it. But it’s rather alright, I guess.

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Wood looks blocky because there wasn’t a lot time to smooth it out. :frowning:

Pretty sure they had lots of time while sitting in the forests, waiting for the orders.

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Look it up, it’s pretty much exactly what the real thing looks like.

(hint @rudychudyPL!)

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It looks so realistic, like it’s been taken on a real camera.

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Thank you! I really appreciate that!

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I think for the texture it is really well made, but I have to agree with others this is a little to blocky for a partisan knife. Overall I think this was well made and good job. Keep up the good work. :upside_down_face:


Love the textures and the detail which you’ve put into that model. Although what I want to see or what needs to be improved on is making it ‘more’ like a knife. I agree with @Alpeics & it actually does look a little too blocky. Just have a shape like an actual knife & I think that’ll make it stand out much better!

Goodluck! :smile:

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Yeah I agree with you, Next time I’m going make handle bit curvier. Thanks for honest feedback!