Feedback on relaxing fishing game


Me and my brother have been building a fishing game for the past few months. We are at a point where the game mechanics are implemented. However we need some feedback on how intuitive the game feels.

Some questions that would be great if you can answer:

  1. Do you feel lost?
  2. Do you prefer the world open or do you think a more linear approach would be better?
  3. Do you think the fishing mechanic is difficult or unintuitive?
  4. Can you see the fish easily? Do you think it should be easier? (we believe it might break game immersion)
  5. Do you believe that the day-night cycle adds immersion or do you think it is annoying?
  6. Are the gui buttons intuitive or do they confuse you?
  7. Do you like the look of the island?

Anything you can answer from this list would be great.
Also we would like to ask a couple more questions:

  1. What would you suggest adding (mechanics, vendors, content, etc)?
  2. What do you like the most from the existing content?

Here is the game link:

Thank you for the feedback in advance :smiley:


I was going to review this but I must ask about who Daronion. Is this the other creator or is he really “a helper NPC”. I’m kinda confused by this. Lovely map though.

He is my brother trying to help the other people with the game mechanics.

I played the game, and I’ve got some feedback on your questions. I’ll try to answer them as well as possible.

  1. The map is pretty big, I personally do not feel lost though. The extra indicators on which section/biome you are in are well made.

  2. Although an open map always sounds good, a more linear approach could be interesting in this game.

  3. The fishing mechanism is good, easy to learn.

  4. Yes. The fish should be easier to see. I don’t believe it would make the game less immersive.

  5. The day-night cycle isn’t annoying in my opinion. It just adds extra realism to your game.

  6. The UI is well made. At first, they can be confusing, but within a few minutes of gameplay, you get the hang of it.

  7. Map is nice. Could have a few trees added here and there, but overall, i like it.

Extra: Maybe make the NPC’s more obvious. Some players might not talk to them and could lose the base controls of the game.

Oh and to add, I love the windows mechanic, where the houses light up at night. Great detail!

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I’ll do more of a proper review later. It kinda threw me off with him, I only could think if you guys made a bot that well / 3rd party or if it’s a human acting like a bot.

Thank you for the feedback and the nice words! We are thinking on how to make the fish more visible without making it very very obvious.

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I haven’t gotten much farther than joining in to the game yet.
And the first thing I see if this:

Chat right over the UI. You may want to move the UI somewhere else, either down the screen and on the side (since it’s a lot of free real estate) in in the top middle.

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This is definitely a problem. We are thinking of moving the chat actually on the left bottom side.

local starterGui = game:GetService("StarterGui");

Since we were talking about it in game.

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Thank you for noticing this. We will fix it with the next push.

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