Feedback on render for @Dxntq!

Hey everyone!
So a lot of you seemed to like my renders of @i5k and @FalllenAnqell so I decided to make another feedback post.
I made a render for @Dxntq, my friend as she has just created a new Roblox account.

Here is the render, I hope you all like it!


Looks very creative! It looks like the avatar is R6…Maybe you change it to be R15 and put animations. :grin: :grin:
You are so creative! :grin: :grin:


Thanks so much! I just used the users avatar type for this render. Really appreciate the feedback!


Your welcome! :grin: :grin:
You are very creative! :+1:


Looks good, I like the backgrounds and the word’s color. I would suggest you to make a pose for it, it would look even better!

Great work, keep it up. :wink:

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Looks great I like the background but why are the names different?


whoops. did the text wrong ahah.

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Looks nice and detailed good job

It’s okay if you made a mistake. Try to create great/correct grammar like anyone else in our topic, just like me sometime’s! :grinning:

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Yeah - just fixed it!
30 characters.

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Just fixed it and added an overlay!

It’s good, maybe you should move the limbs to make a pose?

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the perspective doesn’t realy match the background and gfx,besides that you might want to learn blender or whatever program you use so you can get better quality out of your GFX

I have learned Blender…

learn more so you get better results

Oh come on. It’s obvious if I learn more I can get better results and I’m still learning. I’ve learned most advanced things about GFX.

there is always room for improvement. Take my tips serious
i’ve done gfx for over a year and have learned alot more

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