Feedback on restaurant ✧・゚: *

I’ve just finished a pizzeria for the group Pizzasio, and was wondering if i could get some feedback on the build :>



^map overview

constructive criticism is also accepted <3


Looks great, I like the building and the models! but I suggest to add more lights because in the night there is nothing to glows the place.

Keep this up, Nice work.

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Cool outerior. However I’d suggest putting more lights and perhaps having some menu boards.

Hi Developer,

This looks amazing, It’s also your first try! It looks like the light comes from the natural light outside, I would make the lights work inside.

Please link me with the game so I can check it out more.


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Looks great! An advice to make it better: Try playing a bit with Lighting, so it can look like more realistic

Looks really great! My only recommendation would be to change the lighting from Voxel to Shadowmap.

Looks really nice. The lighting could be improved though. Keep up the good work. :+1:

Looks really awesome! My only recommendation is to maybe fix the tree and add different ones and add more lighting so it looks nice and real. :+1:

It looks great! Assuming this is going to be your V1 Restraunt, be sure to upgrade this in your further restraunt versions, all in all great pizza place!!

it has no day/night cycle, therefore it will only be day, but tysm, I do need to improve on my night lighting skills :>

tysm! im horrible at lighting lol

oh tysm! maybe ill try that. (30 characters)

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One thing I would like to mention is the lighting, there’s numerous dark spots that should be fixed right away if you’re going to add a day/night cycle feature. One suggestion is providing islands/lands, it would overall enjoy the player playing the game, to seek adventures in that one specific game.
The build is overall fantastic! I really like the view of the place and I don’t see any vacant spots (open spots)! I really hope to play this when it’s complete, because the build is so good!

tysm! it wont have a day/night cycle, but i will be improving on the lighting before the people who i made it for release it. <3

It’s great!

As others have mentioned, I’d just fix the lighting. I’d also recommend adding some more detail inside the restaurant.

Hi Bone!

This build looks amazing! I would only recommend one thing like the other developers above me and that one thing would be lights outdoors for when it’s nighttime. Have a nice day!

I would say to add color to the water in the background and to change the color for the terrain
to match the color of the palm trees and more boards change rocks because it looks strange being set on the wooden planks a change of skybox would make it look nice, I really like your build
great work! :smile:

tysm! ill take that into consideration, and i have to change the lighting bc it lags when ppl sit LOL

tysm! it wont have night time tho lol