Feedback on Ro-Chat

Please read this: Ro-Chat - Explanation and How to Use

TL;DR for the link: Ro-Chat is an alternative for Discord that’s entirely in Roblox, it’s not finished. If you choose to sign up, please make sure that the name you choose isn’t censored. If it is, contact me: Ty Scripts

Sorry for being so blunt, still quite shaken from getting a warning on the first image shown on the DevForum link that I sent

Game link: Ro-Chat - Roblox



The concept and system is very good but I think you need to work on the UI, as it is uneven and a bit ugly. Also, if you are not typing, you can hear you character move. If you changed these problems it will be epic.

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To answer the question,I think this is great and also useful.
I would work on the GUI, but it has a lot of uses!

The GUI can advance much more over time, but I see a lot of people using this, and that includes me!


Yeah, building onto you I think that the UI looks fairly basic and it doesn’t have anything to spice it up but it is a good start.

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Huh, that’s weird, I can’t hear myself move. Can you send a video please? Just to see how that might be happening.

EDIT: Movement is now disabled.

I think the concept of this is very great, I think names should be a little bit bigger and clean UI although. Although this is a very good idea, I can’t see many people using this as a main form of contact, as many reasons. This includes the tag system, also that it is something that is fairly new and has few features.

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I’m sure he will be working on this, I was one of the beta testers and I have offered to work on the UI! Thanks for leaving suggestions!

The movement was still enabled that’s why, I believed you saw some of this in my DevForum DM’s to you when you saw the mobile movement UI enabled.

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pretty good service. the stuff i dont like is the ui and the “code”, it would be much better if there were menus. and if you click away while there is something in the textboxes, and click back, the text goes away, which can be annoying. other than that, this seems pretty successful


@AspectSider I can announce that the UI has been slightly redesigned. It still contains a few bugs (all my fault, none of Ty’s) but I’d like to know your opinion on the redesign.

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I didn’t personally implement this when I was editing the UI but we might work on a sidebar type system that would act like a menu. Depends on what @Ty_IsHomeSchooled wants for the game.

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