Ro-Chat - Explanation and How to Use

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What is Ro-Chat?

(visit ro-chat at

Ro-Chat is a WIP, mobile-compatible, safe alternative to Discord, which is 13+ and is not safe. Anyone can use Ro-Chat, because it uses the <13 Roblox filter.

Why you should use Ro-Chat

  • Safer than Discord
  • Minimal sign-up required - no passwords!
  • Chat with people without Roblox friending them
  • Still need to Ro-Chat friend them, but that’s easy (and mutual)
  • DMs
  • 2 Public Servers (lounge and front-page-game discussion)
  • Friending

How it works
When you send a message, or friend someone, your requests get sent to one of tens of DataStores. The DataStores send the required message to you, and everything is converted into UI and shown on your screen. This can cause some lag and dropped messages, but as long as you don’t rapid-fire message, the system will work.

Public servers use internal tables, which means there is no rate limit and you can send messages every 3 seconds (as opposed to 6 with the data stores)

How to Use


You’ll see a screen that prompts you to enter a tag. Make sure the tag isn’t censored, or your username might be “##### the ########”.

Getting started

To get started, you can look for some friends. Join a public server and start a discussion.


Hey, you found a friend! You can see his tag in the corner of his message: Ty Scripts. So you want to DM him and chat privately. But you need to friend him first! No, not on Roblox; Ro-Chat has its own friend system! Type #friend:Ty Scripts into the Direct Code box.

Accepting friend requests

Ty Scripts opens his friend requests so he can talk to you more. You didn’t push submit when sending the Friend Request, so he thinks you don’t know how to friend. He sends you a FR and you look in your list. You accept.


Here’s the fun part: talking with Ty Scripts! Type #dm:Ty Scripts into the Direct Code box. Now you can DM him! DMs save forever (unless a game purge is done, but those are rare if ever)


You can look at your profile by clicking the picture of your avatar in the corner.

Name changing

Let’s say for some reason your name is filtered. For real, not in the story, send Ty Scripts a friend request. If your name is filtered, I’ll accept. We can DM to see what you want it changed to, and then I’ll change it manually. You will lose your friends and DMs, though.

Good? Go ahead and join the discussion:

Can’t wait to see you there!

~ @Ty_Scripts, Ro-Chat: Ty Scripts



@davFaithid - beta tester (ro-chat Davidd)
@OhSnapItsDean - beta tester (ro-chat Dean)
@GamersInternational - beta tester, UI redesign (ro-chat GamersInternational)



Had to make this a separate section.

You can have a public group hangout such as what is shown here:

You can tell your fanbase about it like this (or however you want):

Price is :robux: 250 every month. Contact me for details.


Interesting stats

This is just for fun.

  • First user is me, Ty Scripts.
  • The first user that isn’t me is @davFaithid, Davidd.
  • Tenth user and first donator is @FxllenCode FxllenCode.
  • Fiftieth user is unideveloper.
  • 100th is claire.
  • 200th is katia.
  • 300th is Beanman.
  • 400th is makhai201010_2.
  • 500th is Guest.
  • 600th is J.
    • 666th is Food.
  • 700th is, and I quote, #################.
  • 800th is melone.
    • Interestingly enough, 799th is Melone with a capital M.
  • 900th is mep.
  • 1000th is Eeee.
  • 1100th is Phoenix_Scars.
  • 1200th is ananaz.
  • 1300th is Ok .
  • 1400th is haha yes.
  • 1500th is Hello how are you .
  • 1600th is justme.
  • 1700th is |~... yawns ...~|
  • 1800th is ItsMeh

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*1 robux ads can only be purchased a total of three (3) times, as Roblox takes 100% of that. The forever limit is 2 robux.

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