Feedback on Roblox Website Redesign Concept (Game Page)

I was bored today, so I redesigned the games page to look like the new Creator Dashboard.

It will most likely go through multiple reworks and tweaks, but I'm just here for feedback on the design, layout, extra features (hashtags) and how easy it seems to use.

Here it is.

And here’s the Creator Dashboard for comparison (some experiences hidden)

I think I did a good job on this, what do you think?

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Feedback on Roblox Website Redesign Concept (Home Page)


Why did you hide some experiences?


some projects that i don’t really want public


I made a better version of your design, which is based on the desktop app.

Here’s the picture:

2023-01-23 (2)


This is OK. But in my opinion there is so much clutter. I will not list what may need changing here, as this is for feedback on my concept, not yours. If you would like to know though, send me a message via the Devforum. :slight_smile:

edit 16/02/2024: just noticed that i failed to reply to you @alpharetzy2

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