Feedback on Roblox Website Redesign Concept (Home Page)

I recently noticed first off, how the home page is just Discover with Freinds and Continue Slapped on top of it, and how the main Roblox Website doesn’t fit in with other pages, mainly the new Creator Dashboard.

I made this in
Here’s the newest image.

Light Mode too!

Here’s a newish image:

Here’s an Old Image.

And here’s the Creator Dashboard for comparison (some experiences hidden)

I think I did a good Job on this, what do you think?

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Feedback on Roblox Website Redesign Concept (Game Page)


Totally. I have been trying for weeks to do something like this! Keep up the good work!


No. The Home page was meant for personalized suggestions in case you haven’t noticed, with “Friends playing” and “Continue Playing”
Plus, It’s also for new players to have a better impression on Roblox.


I think you did a pretty good job including with the colours. Needs improvement though. By the way, with the notification tab is OUTLAW the name of the people who made the game or the title of the game. If it’s the name of the people who made it I would change it to the title of the game because a title is easier to remember then the name of a group or developer.

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It looks good, just the text on the side is uneven; some are spaced out, and some are close together. Plus the whole font is just bold. Maybe try taking inspiration off of this image to improve!

Also add icons to the side. And why is there only the actual username on the side? It has so many empty space in that username margin. I’d recommend adding a display name since it’s 2022.


OUTLAWS Is the title of the experience.

I was actually inspired by this home page, and after looking at it again, I think I have some adjustments to make.

About the font, the fonts used are Gotham SSm Book, Gotham SSm Bold, and Gotham SSm Black, which if I’m correct, are UIBlox Uses.

I am putting the @username as it’s what the Creator Dashboard uses.

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No need to be rude. This is not feedback it’s borderline bullying.

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I have made some changes to the design, mainly the left navigation bar.

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Rude? What :expressionless:

Find a rude word…


I seriously don’t care about the UI art drawings, but the concept and the placements are bad, and I explained.


It does looks good but I think it’s too modern for my tasting.

I feel like it doesn’t have a soul; it’s really just black and white. I wouldn’t really mind if it had a color scheme like this, but good job anyway!


I updated this again to feel more like the developer website.

That theme is cool. And uh, still here. (In a very broken way)
Just a, uh, fun fact…

Wait, I could make a light mode out of that…

Gimme like 10-20 minutes


@Ch_0q, I made a colorful light mode.


How could I make my roblox look like this?

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Uh, very nice. Probably Roblox will update their design soon, lol.


Wait, i just noticed something in these concept images, I THOUGHT ROBLOX HAD DISCONTINUED MY FEED BUT WHY ARE THEY STILL PUTTING IT IN THE IMAGES???

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This isn’t offical, it’s just a fanmade concept, I put My Feed on there because I miss it. :frowning:

That’s because the concept image that is black and white is actually dark mode!

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Why did you still want to call Continue section Continue Playing? Also for Friend Activity being Friends Playing. Stop using the term “Playing” anymore!

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