Feedback on SCP Hallway

Hello there, I’d like some feedback on this SCP hallway.

When giving me feedback, tell me:

-Is the design good enough?

-Are all the materials good?

-Are all the colors good?

-Should I make a new one or is this one fine?

Edit: I’m going to revamp it, I’ll show you the pictures when its done.


This is much better than your door and does indeed look alot like a SCP foundation building. You should add some props or posters in the hallway too.

thanks for the feedback i will add posters and make various section designs so its not just this forever

I’d say you could add like a big number 01 and 02 to say “Hallway 01” and “Hallway 02”

maybe (ignorethisimaddingpostlength)

The Hallway colors are pretty good. I do recommend that you should use Diamond Plate on the walls for it better.

The floor and design is pretty good. I also suggest that you should make signs or a custom GUI map for the players not get lost in where they are going.

i made some intersections do you like them

The only thing i would change is that it looks quite bland.

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What do you suggest?

How about some props?

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I made some lines for navigation

plus i found some posters (credits to xXLinkster17Xx for the model)

I know this was very long ago but please don’t reply to this. This was made when I was really bad at building. Here’s the newest version: SCP LCZ Hallways. Thank you.