Feedback on Second Build

Hello! I’m starting to get into building alongside my main strength, which is scripting. I’m not very good at it, but I think I at least did pretty decently. This is my second full build for my game, a restaurant called Darryl’s Grub Hub. Could I get some feedback?

Edit: Accidentally posted a photo twice, fixed now lol



They look really REALLY GOOD! Keep up the good work!


Not sure why you’re saying you’re not “very good”, because the build you showed in the pictures is absolutely stunning. That has to be one of the best cafe style builds I have seen in a while.

Keep up the good work man! You’ll go place! :slight_smile:

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Me. Being a noob at building, its REALLY good. I wish i was this good at building, i’ll just continue typing some code and designing ui’s

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I have to agree he will be going places if he keeps up this stunning work.


I really like this build and it’s insanely well made for a beginner. Something you could add is to use tiles or a custom made flooring instead of the regular wood plank materials to add that extra detail. But overall nice job!

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Thank you so much! I appreciate it

Thank you for liking my build! It really makes me happy, I appreciate it

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Lol, I just tried to get into another field because building is my weakest one. Thank you for the comment!

Thank you for the feedback! Yeah, I probably need to get into textures and start using them more in builds instead of the default roblox ones

I’m surprised how detailed and amazing the build is, I can’t believe it’s made by a beginner too. Great job, keep up the incredible work! :wink:

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Thank you for the nice comment!

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Wow this looks really awesome for a beginner.

  • The building of the cafe
  • The details from the outside to the inside

Awesome job there bro. Keep up the good work!! :smile::+1:


Feedback (2) FEEDBACKFeedback (2)

Really good for a second Build! I’m impressed.

Already using custom textures as well!

However i must say there are a few errors such as this:

Try using a bunch of different custom textures instead of repeating one consistently in one build.

Good luck in your future builds! :+1:


Wait a minute, what’s with those pictures of Pewdiepie at the sides of the word “FEEDBACK”, lol

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Looks pretty cool. Put a picture of pewds on anything and it automatically turns cool. Tried it on myself. :+1:


Wow, you have got to be serious😜

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Decent build! Really like the overall structure and setting. The decor and shape is pretty done very well.

If anything, I would look into adding a different material for the roof I’m sure corner street restaurants don’t feature a wooden material. You might be able to find a wood plank material maybe going for a white color pallet would improve the overall design from looking at the images the walls could be more detailed throw a few pictures, paintings, art, ect.

I would definitely aim to keep the restaurant to have those small details around the walls and ceiling ceiling lights could be placed.

Also see if you plan to add some details outside the actual building, such as outdoor seating or potted plants would also resemblance that (street corner restaurant great work!

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Thank you! I just go in the toolbox for some textures, even though most of them aren’t exactly what I want. Where do you look for textures to use for builds?