Feedback on Second Build

Got you. Thanks for the comment!

Also, that dark part, I have no idea what went on with it, the lighting on it changed to make it look a different color when I unioned it and I dont know how to fix it :sob:

How are you “not very good”? It’s AMAZING. I like how the ROBLOX wood plank works as well! You’re going places in the future, keep it up!

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I don’t think that is a mistake, look at all the other pillars. It’s all good though.

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Yeah, it wasn’t, but I guess I’ll see if I can find another texture

Thank you for the nice comment, I appreciate it!

That’s depends if your going for realistic textures or custom ones since I’m not kind of builder. You could find a texture pack in free models and play around with those and see what suits your liking. I’m not sure where to find textures your looking for, but the developer forum has some good resources for free texture sites that you can find any type of textures your currently looking for.

I would recommend checking out this thread you might find some interesting sites you could pick and choose Free texture sites:

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The ceiling could be worked more on, but than that, this really great for a second build.

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Thank you! I’ll be sure to work on the ceiling more later

This is STUNNING build. You use many textures to make an awesome cafe. What I would suggest is adding more detail to the outside part. Otherwise, it is a stunning build! Keep up the great work!

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For a beginner, this is really, really good. I do suggest changing the sign material of the “Darryl’s” to something else. Also maybe try to change the ceiling material to something else like metal or concrete because the metal ceiling lights don’t match. The “Grub Hub” text color also doesn’t align with the color scheme. Try changing the text color to the color of the “Darryl’s.” Great job! And do you happen to be part of the PF community? I recognize your name in most PF edits I watch.

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yessir, i am the rek you’re thinking of :smiling_imp:

Also thanks for the comment

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If you want to get the best custom textures, try this:

  • Search up on google what texture you want. (old paper texture, brick texture, modern pattern texture, etc.)

  • Copy the image.

  • Open this (Or whatever photo editor you use).

  • Get a square canvas.

  • Paste the image (Ctrl + V).

  • Save the image.

  • Open Roblox Studio and open up ‘Game Explorer’.

  • Publish your game (make it private).

  • Then Left Click on ‘Images’.

  • Find Your image.

  • Then just copy and paste the Image ID.

Remember to try to get royalty free images. Also make sure that you can make the pattern repeat seamlessly without any lines. :+1:

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Thanks for the resource! :+1:

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