Feedback on some battle sets

Hello. I am making a class fighting game like with Critical Strike (CS), Project Submus Accudo (PSA), and Combat Zero. I just recently started with my work so things will look bare bones. I want to know if what I did so far was good. I got some inspiration from Star Glitcher so if things look familiar then thats why.

I have done 2 classes (battle sets) but i have only animated the idle and made the main blocks.

Class 1 Pictures and video

This First class is supposed to look like its hiding the truth which is what it is hiding right now (hiding the upper part of the torso) so it won’t embrace the darkness. If it reveals the truth for a little while, it can use the power to defend itself. If it reveals it for too long, then the darkness absorbs the person, he gets more deadly but also less defensive. (I haven’t made the alt form yet)

Front and back pictures no animation If you recognize the dark orbs that’s because it came from this topic post

Front and back video with animation
robloxapp-20200315-1053014.wmv (2.3 MB)

Class 2 Pictures and video

This next class is supposed to be able to fly whereabout for an amount of time. Its sharp wings gives it the ability to defend itself. This class was inspired from Star Glitcher (Link is in the first Star Glitcher word)

Front and back pictures no animation

Front and back video with animation
robloxapp-20200315-1057242.wmv (2.7 MB)

If you need me to do anything else so you can get more information on what you are looking at I would be happy to take extra photos or more videos.

I need criticism but please don’t point out the obvious stuff (such as “The wings are too thick” or “the black orbs look too big”)


Its basically CS, PSA, and combat zero all in one for the theme