Feedback on viewmodel pistol animations

hi I animated this for a commission any feedback would be sick
also i’m available for hire, if you want to message me my disc is “raedoggy” and my current portfolio can be seen here.

better recoil viewport


In my opinion, these animations look kinda wobbly when shooting, like if the gun was made of rubber.
Overall still very nice animations, keep it up!


completely changed my feedback:

when the pull out the gun plays, i feel it should be a little smoother instead of it being pulled out so aggressively, and the gun shooting doesn’t really have a realistic recoil, it seems too wobbly and doesn’t really seem like a professional shooter. everything else is good!


I would try to give the gun a little less recoil while shooting, it seems realistic but I feel like in a FPS it would be more satisfying if it was smoother. Other than that, great work, the reloading is very satisfying.


check 2nd video for changed recoil, also no idea what most of this comment is.

here’s the slide

I’m basing it mostly off real video reference but making it a bit more exaggerated.
This feels contradictory to itself, if the recoil should just jerk back then idk how else it would seem strong enough than how it is in the video already. Once again I tried an attempt to make it more “realistic” in the 2nd video showing the viewport.

Actually animations are quite good but somethings made me uncomfortable honestly,

I’ll start with equip;

It’s really good but left hand shouldn’t come with the gun,
Left hand should come from left side and hold it, after holding it the gun needs to repositioning.

Second one is the shooting;

The recoil is too much and you should decrease it like he should know how to handle the recoil,

Until this part is okay

But these parts

are too much.

Third one is the positioning;

Its positioned too right and it looks too bad and uncomfortable for me at least,

You could position it like this;

Also something is not that important but if he’s gonna do the empty reload the slide must be locked, if slide is not locked it’ll be tactical reload but as i see its not a tactical reload because the mag goes directly to the floor like there’s no chamber in it.