[FEEDBACK] Race Track

Hello Again!

I decided to scrap my older race track and make a new one! It would be great if I could have some feedback on the new one!

The Track



Looks nice, maybe add a little bit more decorations to make it look nicer.

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Do you mind telling me what find of decorations I should add? Other than rocks, fences, tires, etc…

Thanks. :smiley:

Ok, you should add some brushes, rocks, plants, or tires around the race track. Or also maybe instead of the track just turning and going forward maybe you should add like a mini bridge if you want.

I bridge is NOT a bad idea! Thanks for the feedback.

The road surface looks a bit bare; perhaps you could add some extra things there. Other than that it looks great!

those little white and red lines on the side of the road (commonly found in Mario kart) would look nice

excuse the use of an old Mario kart picture, this was just on google


I love Mario Kart. Thanks for the feedback.

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This looks very neat, it’s well done and not much to say honestly. For sure add some decorations to make it look more realistic, or more popping out! Overall though, it looks really great.

I think it looks wonderful. Just add some decorations, and maybe use smooth terrain?

It looks nice!

What I would do though is add a fence inbetween the track and the stands.

You could try and make the curves of the road more smooth especially the sharp bends. You could also add a lot more detail in to make it more fascinating. However, apart from this my fellow Robloxian, you’ve done a great job and I encourage you to keep on growing and developing your knowledge, because if you work at a certain skill for long period of time, you can master that skill and call it your own!

Your Race Track in my opinion, looks so interesting in the way that it’s really wide. Also I would just want to make a recommendation, the Race Track to be honest looks a little bit dull, it’s better if you could add some decorations.
Also I recommend you add this in the Race Track to make it look realistic.
Add some billboards in the empty grass field.

images (8)

Also in the Starting Line place some stoplights there.

images (10)

This could make your race track more realistic in its appearance.

Definitely add something in the middle of the track where there’s a bunch of empty space. Unless you already have something planned. You could also try texturing the road with a custom sort of asphalt texture if you want a big more realism. Overall great build. :+1:

I think you should change the road layout to be more realistic for how cars maneuver to roads. Also, I think you should change the material of the bleachers to something else and focus on adding detail to their exterior. Looks pretty good

The track itself looks really boring. For example, turns 1 and 2 look like they are just copy-pasted versions of each other, it looks like you reuse the same 90 degree corner 9 times for turns 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 13, and both apexes of turn 15. Just do small things to make them more different from each other, like different radius, different arc lengths so some are more 75 degrees while others are past 100 degrees, or for the chicanes mix them up so some are bus-stop chicanes/chicanes that are clearly taken from an existing part of the track. Another issue I see is with the runoff areas you have for the track. For the beginning of the runoffs the runoff areas should follow the straight at the start of the corner, like this.

Notice how for these hairpins the runoff follows the walls of the straight and only follow the curve of the track for the second half of the corner. In addition, you should have some runoff on the exit of the corners, not just for realisms sake but so you don’t have cars hitting the exit each lap. This is also the same for pit road exit. As you have it it throws cars right on the track where cars are pushing towards the exit of a corner. I’d recommend either having them rejoin the track closer to where the hairpin is, rejoin after the turn 1/2/3 complex, or move the pit entrance closer to the final chicane and move the pit exist so cars can enter the track before the first corner.

As for decorations, the biggest thing you can do is make the main grandstand bigger and the rest of them smaller, and while doing this make them from different colors/materials to differentiate them more. As for adding track details, the best thing you can probably do is to add catch fences around most of the track, especially in corners and in front of the grandstands. After that, try to mix up what the walls are. So have some be tire barriers, some be guardrails, and some be concrete to mix up the look more. Then on the guardrails and concrete walls add some fake sponsor banners to even further mix up the look.

If you want more real-life elements, add in some breaks in the wall for emergency vehicle to access the roads. Then in these access points you can add emergency vehicles like tow trucks and ambulances (and pot-o-potties), and around the track add marshal stands for marshals to display green/yellow flags.

Another thing you can expand on is your kerb usage throughout the track. I see one of your hairpins has kerbs, but they are absent throughout the rest of your track. In addition to adding detail, you can mess with kerbs by making them taller/wider to give another layer of variability to your chicanes by changing how much you can allow drivers to cut.

And as one more final suggestion, add signs. Most real tracks have either banners that hang half-way over the track, signs behind catch fences, foam signs on the side of the track and signs on bridges over the tracks. Any combination of these can be added, along with some braking numbers going into corners to help drivers better judge when to brake.

This is a good example of all the possible signage you can add, and shows one possible track entrance for emergency vehicles.

Oh, also add some elevation and banking changes to corners. This also looks good.


It kind of feels like the walls are too close. They might act like bumpers at a bowling alley. Perhaps that’s what you want.

I’d try to add some elevation changes eg hills.

I know I may sound a little picky, but do you mind drawing out what you are trying to tell me about the pit stops?


This is one where the pit road rejoins the track after the first corner complex

Here is one where it rejoins right after the first hairpint

And here is the one where the pitroad starts before the final chicane and rejoins before the first hairpin.

Thanks for the drawing! Now I understand this a lot better. Thanks!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: