Feedback Regarding Asset Configuring In Studio

Hey there,

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It’s about time these pages got an update - the lack of dark mode was killing me x.x

But thanks! This will really help me juggle all my game assets :smiley:


This is awesome! It has always annoyed me that we had to go on the website to do this. Dark mode is a bonus too :smile:

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Love how this update Added dark mode compatibility, it used to be super annoying to have to keep switching from studio to the site as well, Keep up the good work! :+1:

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Finally! Don’t have to go to the website to configure assets anymore! :+1:


Good update! This will come in handy for certain items, although I have most of my models saved onto my files. :grin:

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Amazing, it’s about time this was added onto studio. Will for sure make my life easier.

Looks great, I’ve been waiting for this!

this update sure will save time, love it!

Oh i love it! (Especially i love this new 3D asset preview in studio) :smile:

That is amazing and easier. Great job.

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Lovely update. I’ve always wanted this feature in Studio where you can edit assets!

Keep up the great work, ROBLOX!

Awesome! This is a much needed update, especially when uploading meshes it would name it whatever the file was called.

This will be very useful thanks.

Wow, now I don’t have to wait for my internet to load up the configure web page I can just do it on studio now. Amazing update!

Great update I am glad you can finally configure assets in Studio

Its about time. This help a lot so I and other devs don’t can to keep switching tabs from studio to web​:metal::+1:

This will be very handy, thanks!

Another awaited feature. So glad this got added and I can’t wait to see what use it’s going to have in the future to come!:blush:

This will be very useful! It will be way easier and faster to edit assets.

I loved this update, now I can configure the description of my model without even leaving studio! :woot:

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