Configure Assets in Studio!

Hey Developers!

We are excited to announce that we have added the ability to configure your assets from inside Studio! With this update, you can:

  • View your creations easily from within the Toolbox
  • Change name, description, and other asset attributes from within Studio
  • Roll back to previous versions of an asset

You can now go to your inventory, select the option Edit Asset from the context menu, and edit your asset’s title, description and other attributes right inside Studio! You will also find that we added a new tab to Toolbox called Creations where you will find all the Models, Meshes, Images and Audio assets that you have created.

You may also notice that we refreshed the UI for asset configuration via the website too!

Hope you guys enjoy this update! We are still working to fix some last bugs and will also be adding support for configuring group assets soon!

Shoutout to our amazing team for getting this project done: @n00b3n @bitwiseandrea @St4rst0n3 @WildSanity @Rostelas @CalGamesDev @FarazTheGreat @Osyris @IittIehomie @iriszh @OuNissan @portenio @givenothingback


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This will definitely improve my workflow, instead of having to go into my browser to do it. Props to the team which made this happen.


Whats the difference between toolbox and creations? I mean, I get your point, but, your inventory, you have stuff you created. Is creations just a easier way to find your items?

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In my experience, i never had a issue with Model/Place history saves, but is there actually a limit of backup ? or possibly erased if the save is way too outdated ?


Does this apply to animation assets as well?
I always found it very annoying that I couldn’t see all the animations I owned directly from studio.

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If there’s an “ownership” tab in the configure menu, does that suggest multi-owner asset management or is that just a distinction between a player and a group owner?

An overall interesting QoL update, but I don’t mind going to the site to update. I’m a very cautious person.


The “versions” tab will be super useful, it’ll allow people Probably more common with open source modules to revert back to original states if a future state is unstable, it’ll also allow them to easily change whats needed when creating the assets. Great job on creating this small yet useful feature for assets :+1:

I noticed the refresh for the asset configuration on the website about two weeks ago.

I’ve made a post here which details a bug in which I cannot upload to certain models in groups which have more than 4 rows of assets


Great development in terms of workflow! It’s always brilliant to find ways to save time and to make productivity more efficient! Will be looking forward to trying out these new features!

It looks really nice, however, there is one problem I have with this. Overwriting an existing model barely works, if at all. Every time I switch to that window, it refuses to load anything. Aside from that, it’s a good improvement!

Looks amazing! Few minor issues or inconsistencies I noticed:

  1. Under your assets, it shows images named as “Decals” instead of “Images” in the drop down

  2. Genres under editing do not contain any spaces where they should

  3. Finally, the option to edit an asset does not appear under the recent and inventory asset tabs.

  4. When publishing a new asset, all groups you are in are listed under “Ownership” regardless of having permission to manage assets for the group


Thank you guys for your feedback and bug reports! We are addressing them as soon as we can.


The mesh configuration page might be using the wrong asset type.
Right now its listing items from the actual Mesh asset type instead of the MeshPart asset type:

This is all fine and well, but Roblox Studio doesn’t know how to insert these assets properly:


Totally agree. The project I’m working on requires many assets, so being able to deal with them within studio saves a lot of time, searching, and computer resources.

Now if there was a tab for animations we would be set (if I’m not mistaken), but overall: Great update.

The only issue I’m experiencing is that the window is larger than the older toolbox window, meaning I have less space to work with on the main window. Other than that, it’s a pretty good change.


We are aware of this issue and will be fixing ASAP!


Can you add a feature to re-upload mesh so that we can stop flooding our libraries with throw-away mesh? If you can do the same for the newly added heightmaps that’d help out with the horrendous new workflow as well.


With more and more website-specific features being added to Roblox Studio, does this mean that in the future, it may not be possible to use the website to configure assets? This is already the case with creating badges and secondary places in games and editing avatar settings for a game.