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Yes! We have all been waiting for this! Let’s just wait until they add more developers to the list.


Wow, I never thought I’d see the day where this was actually added in!


This is exciting stuff! I’m sure UGC have a huge impact on the platform.

Amid recent rumours, it’s also awesome to get confirmation that Limited items aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Looking forward to seeing how they’re integrated with UGC in the future!


I was 50-50% with this idea, but now, if there are UGC rewards, then, maybe I will have a dominus :thinking:?
I’m happy to know only some people have access, and security might be tighter while UGC expands. That reassures me that “SUPREME DOMINUS RICH” Wont be everywhere on the catalogs! But seriously, I’m glad too see this is out. It will definitely increase interest in the catalog (if that makes sense). I’ve been looking at the UGC hats when this topic has been locked, and they look amazing! But some people agree to disagree with me.


Wow…that was quick

Only few days after Roblox confirmed this at RDC…and this? Never thought I’d see this
immediately, but it feels like it. I only heard about this not to long ago and I have to say
I’m suprised Roblox was gonna add this feature, just thinking about all the negitive problems
that could also come with this. Now, looking at this more closely, it seems like you guys are
creating solutions that answered pretty much all my questions.

I’m glad this is coming to Roblox. I bet it will be a pretty unique feature. Thanks!


Pretty cool update. Hopefully I will be able to make items in the future!


Very, very, very happy that this is finally here, albeit early stages. I’m also happy Roblox will continue to make limiteds, as it has gotten to the point where I really did believe Roblox was going to stop. Can’t wait to see where this goes.


As a 3D Modeler, I look forward to playing around with this new feature! Can’t wait for it to come out!


This is fantastic! As a developer, I can really experiment and create with UGC!

Looking forward for what the community has to offer!


This has been a long awaited feature for a while now and I honestly can’t believe it’s presence has been revealed so soon after RDC. That’s awesome!

I’m super excited to see what this brings to the platform & I can’t wait to see new opportunities being opened up to developers because of this.


This feature really does excite me. I’ll begin making quite a few accessories, and hopefully I’ll obtain the chance to deliver them sometime soon! :smile:

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That fast? That’s amazing! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what creative works the community has to offer :smile:

Thanks for finally bringing us what we all wanted Roblox :+1:

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This feature was bound to be added, and it looks promising. I’m happy that it’s restrictive against copying assets and only a few users will be able to use this.


Very interesting stuff! Ill be sure to look into this closer when the time comes!
I can’t wait to see what other creators are going to create.

Amazing seeing this finally happen, didn’t think it ever would. It’ll be great to see what happens in the future with this.

I’m also curious how roblox will answer some of the questions above about copying, retexturing, etc.

WOW!!! The greatest feature of all the time, I like it so much and I wish to upload my own hats because I’ve been waiting for this a long time! Community will now have ability to make superior and very amazing hats for Roblox!

P.S. I wish to be choosen as a creator too :wink:


Now, this is epic


I was honestly expecting Premium to come way before this, but it’s amazing that we have it now! Can’t wait for it to be completely open for developers to create their own hats.