[FEEDBACK] Semi-Modern meeting place

I need some feedback on this new semi-modern meeting place that I am working on. It is almost finished but I need to get some feedback on the current state.



Any and all feedback is amazing!


I quite like the consistency in room design. The use of the same colour palette in the different areas of the building certainly helps tie the environment together. Here are some of my suggestions as to how you could improve on the rooms further:


Although I like where you’ve placed the tables and chairs in each room, the rooms in general feel quite empty. I think decorations, such as cabinets, potted plants and bins, would help flesh out the environment and create a space that looks both professional and inviting. Televisions, paintings and other wall decorations would also give an added touch of realism to the currently-bare walls.

Floating Seats


It seems that the rows of seats in the largest meeting room are floating above the ground. Adding some reinforcements above and below the seats would an effective way of alleviating this gravity-defying effect, creating a more believable structure in the process. If you’re looking for inspiration, I think something similar to the constructible conference room seats seen below might be a nice design approach.


Once again, I quite like the consistency in the room designs. Your use of colours is also very nice. With a few additions and slight improvements in places, I think you’d have an awesome, semi-modern meeting room that’s both practical and realistic.

Keep up the good work! :smile:


Yeah, I agree with @Craftero. Although your current build isn’t bad, it does look ever so slightly dull. Adding some more modern furniture would spice it up.