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Hello! I ve made a game and i ve been trying to improve it but nothing worked out. What do you think I could improve to increase the engagement and retention?

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deberias mejorar la interfaz, utilizar temas y colores claros enves de oscuros, y tambien mejorar la iluminacion, pareciera que estuviera de noche cuando realmente esta de dia y por ultimo deberias de traducir mas cosas, no entendi muy bien algunas cosas por que estaba casi todo en ingles


Usually I would look at my competitors or similar games out there within my genre and either match it or offer a better experience

I ve already tried looking at other games to see what they are doing that i am not but i can t any more things that i could implement to my game

There’s a lot of popular simulators nowadays, it’s really hard to create a new one and make it big. The best way to do this now would be growing a community (platforms like Discord and other social media). You could also invest in advertisements, or add free UGC to your game, something that has been trending for quite a bit now.

and how would i go about growing a discord server when the game isn t big?

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It looks good, but it’s going to be hard for you to advertise your game since there are a lot of similar ones.

inviting friends, hosting giveaways, discord bots, etc. There’s a lot of ways to grow a discord server

alright i ll see what i can do

what do u suggest i should do?

I would try to invite some streamers, find some sponsors, make some UGC, and yeah, that would be it.

alr. thank you for your suggestions!

I just checked out the game, the reason it isn’t getting many players is definitely not because of anything in the game. You just need to promote it. Usually I see people having the most success from short form content platforms. Try replicating popular short form videos (having moving subtitles, bright colors, ect) and posting it with the proper tags and you should see a lot more success.


alright cool, good luck with that

oh ok. Thank you for your feedback!

Anyone else got any other feedback?

Growing the game and a Discord would be relatively easy if the game stood apart from others. But it’s a simulator so that would be pretty challenging. You can try inviting your friends to the Discord though and grow a player base by making your friends invite friends, who then also invite friends and so on.

True. Usually when someone asks me why their game is failing I can tell them about the game’s flaws after just 30 seconds of playing it. But this game looks pretty good, feels polished, …
He just needs to invest into sponsorships/ads (sponsorships are better for promoting games though)

oh k. thanks for your feedback!

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Even though my game barely has any new players the retention and playtime is very bad so I don t think all I need to do is just advertise it.

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