Why is my game failing?

Hi everyone. I made a game and kept trying to improve it for the last couple of months but it is performing badly. What do you think i could improve?
game here

The game could be better I’m not saying its bad but I’m gonna just gonna point out its flaws:

  1. Not many enemy varieties
  2. Hard to progress
  3. Takes a lot of time to beat the boss
  4. The game is repetitive
  5. I had to have my graphics at 1 because the game was so laggy

Things you could add:

  1. You could add quest to keep the user entertained
  2. You could add boss rewards such as chests
  3. Weaken the enemies a bit it takes way too long and is boring
  4. Even if you dont wanna weaken the enemies you can make the boss fight fun
  5. There could be some music as currently there isn’t some

Things I like about the game:

  1. Its creative I haven’t seen anything like this in a long time as usually it is FPS games Anime Fighting games etc.
  2. Map design looks great if you told me to play this and told me it was a popular game I would believe >you it is really high quality for a small game.
  3. The GUI is great too there are sound effects for when you hover over the buttons which I like.
  4. The enemy designs look good too and as well as their animations
  5. It gives me the vibe of a modern simulator game and not like the over done ones like +1 walk >speed/jump power/health etc.

The game is fine but here are some things i have to say about it:

Game flaws:

    • The bosses have high HP and take alot of time to kill at later stages.
    • Lack of upgrades
    • Enemies later get the annoying high HP.
    • The game is quite boring since all you do is just idle, upgrade, get weapons, get pets, repeat.
    • Bosses are boring
    • The eggs are too expensive. (not the 1st one)
    • Try optimizing the game (like the guy up there at number 5)
    • No music

The good stuff:

    • Good map design
    • Good guis
    • Good enemy designs
    • The first egg’s price is quite good

But the game isn’t bad, there are some things that should be fixed.

Thank you for your feedback! What quests could i add so that they aren t repetitive and what rewards could i make them give so they aren t useless?

Thank you for your feedback! i tried to make the eggs be spread out over the game bc i don t have many but i will make more.

what other upgrades do you think fit the game?

There is music. idk why it s not playing for you.

What could i add to make it less repetitive?

Games being repetitive are inevitable but you could boost the playtime by adding it so the boss sends out fireballs/spikes/bullets etc boss fight currently is just fighting a stronger variation of the previous mob you could make it a little more dramatic, for the quests you could add like defeat enemies and give them rewards like pets or swords and for the boss rewards you could also give them good swords to help in the completing in the game as the bosses get really really hard as you progress.

Thank you for the suggestions!