Feedback wanted on Suggestions UI

Hey! Pretty simple topic, this is a Suggestions UI I made in 10-15 minutes.



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Looks great, but I’ve got a couple small criticisms and ideas.

  • The question itself is not visible enough, especially when compared to “Suggestions”
  • “Okay!” should probably be changed to “Submit”
  • Unless its defined in your design language, you should remove the cross and instead have a button with the text “Cancel” (transparent background, white text) to the left of the submit button.
    • If it is defined that you must have a cross button, have both.
  • I’m not sure if the text in the suggestions box was written by you for example’s sake, but I’d probably add hint text (if not already there) that gives a basic description of what the user should write.

Other than that, great font choice and thanks for not using pure black for the background.


Let me introduce you to a thing called margin. Margins are used to create space between elements in a layout and can help to create a sense of hierarchy and visual balance in a design. The size of the margins can be adjusted to suit the needs of the layout and the design. In some UI design tools, the margin is sometimes referred to as “padding” or “gutter.”

If you keep the margin the same throughout your design, which could be done using the cube method. You’ll get a much more appealing Design:


Thank you! I will use margins in the future, do note this UI was VERY rushed

Thanks for the suggestions! :heart:

character limit fix

Adding to what others have said, the white on the “Okay!” button is a little too harsh imo. The button should be a bit darker. Maybe RGB(200,200,200)? You usually don’t want to go as vibrant as possible for any color.

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Got it, thanks!

character limit

Looks okay, but I would change the font for the “Okay!” button. Additionally, the close button is a little far to the right.

This was already mentioned in the thread, so I recommend changing the font, and experimenting with different fonts. I optimize for readability, for instance the ability to differentiate between an “I” and an “L” is clear.

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