[FEEDBACK] What do you think about my low poly lobby?

Hello !

I would like to know what can i add, improve or change ?


It’s really good, I can’t really see anything wrong with it, good job!


I really like it except the portal looks a little basic maybe add some particles and like a control plane also make different looking trees same with mushrooms like tilt them wider and skinner etc? Other then that good work! :smiley:


Try to include a higher contrast in the terrain. It all seems very flat, maybe try to include some dissimilarity between the materials you’ve used on the smooth terrain, perhaps add some rocks on the side where the walls, I suppose, would have been. You can do this by either choosing paint in the smooth terrain tab, or by growing the terrain with rocks. Also, try scaling the trees bigger, they are all somewhat identical in shape and height.
Another tip, you could possibly add a few blowing leaves as particles in order to create a higher variety in the atmosphere.

Good luck with it!

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Hello there!

First of all, good job on the lobby, it looks pretty nice and well built.

If you want to get more detail out of the map, try these things:

  • Add bushes
  • Different kinds of mushrooms perhaps (e.g brown ones)
  • Flowers and other plants

And I want to agree with @Someware’s post, about the terrain:

Best of luck in the future!



I do like low poly themed styles. However, I’d suggest adding more trees. Smaller ones, bigger ones with different colors too. Similar to how I did it:


The first thing that jumped out to me is definitely the trees. I’d suggest changing the rotation, size, color, and adding some that aren’t the same type. I think that will improve the quality of your build a lot!

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I think it’s better like that, anyways i’m gonna add rocks, thank you for your feedbacks !
I added leaves particles, terrain contrast is more present and now i have to rotate some trees a little bit and make others trees in blender !


Looks great. I like all the details.

I really do like the concept and the models you have implemente and created here! I have a few suggestions as well as agreeing with others on this post.

  • You seem to have only the bottom half of the map with the trees and vegetation, try and add unique parts to the lobby such as large rocks in the distance, different variety of tree. Use these trees to place all around the map, not just in the centre.
  • Try and experiment with the lighting and not just shadowmap. Like blurs and colour corrections to enhance that low poly feeling (e.g. Higher contrast for a more ‘cartoony’ vibe).
  • Utilise your modelling skills! You have fantastic ideas and capabilities so I would suggest making some more assets to add around your lobby, not just duplicated barrels and crates… As there is lots of open space.

Other than that, this looks really good, definately follow some of the other people’s advice on terrain enhancing like adding different materials like rock in specific areas. Really well done anyways! Good luck!

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The entirety of the place, in general, looks great Overall, the style and vegetation are excellent and unique. I would, however, recommend! But just from my opinion, I think there could be more added to the lobby instead of having just vegetation and boxes.

In my opinion, I feel like there could be some other types of vegetation around the map mainly on the mountain parts, bushes, flowers to give the ground a little more life. Maybe add some vacant things like shops/buildings to make it a little more lively as well or buildings so players could buy things while they wait! You also might be able to add some obstacles or an obby somewhere in the lobby so players could interact with each other!

I feel as though the lobby is lacking, so if you could furnish those a bit more, and maybe add some buildings or shops, I think that’d go a long way.

Overall, it looks pretty good.

Hello! I’ll be giving you feedback, including some advice!

Hey there! Your lowpoly lobby is really nice, but i have some advice for you!

  • Make more trees, you’ve used the same tree over and over. :evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree:

  • Add some fences, it could give a better look!

  • Add some NPC’s!

  • Add some buildings, small or big because The lobby looks very empty at some places. :houses:

  • Remake the portal, it is too simple. You could add some details on it, but not too many.

  • Don’t only have trees, also add flowers, and maybe bushes. :sunflower:

  • The spawn also looks very empty, try to add some tents, or something else at it.

  • like @Someware said, try to include a highter contrast in the terrain.

I hope i helped you! God luck with your game!

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