[FEEDBACK] Working Ferris Wheel

Hello! Thanks for being here, well this is another post by me dedicated to another “Ferris Wheel”! I would like to receive some opimopms or suggestions, that would really help me.



Link to another Ferris Wheel made by me

Thanks for reading!


Actually, you did a very great job in your ferris wheel!
It looks really good and the way the red color really matches the exact color for your ferris wheel to look lively and beautiful!
I hope you continue this impressive job!

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I highly love the solid colors and bright lights, It really fits the theme of a Theme Park perfectly!
But a few small extra details here and there wouldn’t hurt, amazing job on the Ferris Wheel too! :+1:

This looks really cool, good job!

Looks great I like all the details.

Love it! Want to see it in a game tho:)