Feeding on Low-Poly asset's, (Beginner)

Hey, here are some little assets I made in blender. I’m not new to Building, but to Blender I am, I usually make Realistic/Ultra Modern/Realistic games.

Any suggestions on making my assets better? Or any tips for blender in general?

#StopWaywoc2021 - 2030


The green part of the tree is a bit too high up from the ground but if its intetional then it’s fine. Making models in blender is similar to roblox you simply try to make your models more percise and detailed, that way you will always improve.


Thanks for the advice! and is this better?


Already better keep on improving and the outcome will be great.


what does #stopwaywwoc2021 mean??

Something roblox does, called “What are you working on in 2021” they’ve done it every year for a good while

prok, with your advice,

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Wow! That looks great. Is this a showcase or a map for a game?

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It’s a Multi-Purpose map I made yesterday, which I’m selling.

Dang, for how much are you selling it for?

[OPEN] Builder & 3D Modeler Medium Price

Cool! Unfortunately I can’t afford it, but I will definitely keep you in mind for the future for any projects. :smile:

You aren’t allowed to sell things…

explains why portfolio’s are a thing, because we can’t sell lol ok

You are on the right path my friend, my only suggestion is that the leaves look a bit boring. Try to move around the edges of the cones. But for a beginner, you are killing it buddy, good job!

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image started doing that a while ago (dont mind the smooth faces without auto smooth)

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