Fighting uncopylocked place file plagiarism using scripts?

Ever since a web API change happened, I haven’t been able to get Crazyblox to whitelist anything on his FE2 Map Test game. So I black-box tested it using others’ maps, created a map-compatible game, and shared it as an uncopylocked file.

The problem is, I’m being plagiarized against by some other Robloxians, and I need to mitigate that, as I’m not in a position to take plagiarism like more famous Robloxians can take.

Because of what the TOS says about sharing creations for free, I’m thinking the options are limited to making it hard to modify out my name, such as with obfuscated code.


The problem is that some Robloxians are uploading modified copies with my name removed entirely, making it harder for their visitors to find my copy.


In one place, the Robloxian replaced my name in every location visible to visitors. He seems to be young and not know better, but it still is annoying. He forgot to break the teleport button in the about window.

In another place, the Robloxian went to extreme lengths to remove my name from the game, including by breaking the teleport button by making it go to an invalid asset ID and say “OOF!” when clicked.


I want to make it difficult to remove credit information from the game, at least in visitors’ views.

I know nothing can directly be done about the existing copies, but I believe they are likely to pull updates from my copy if they are significant, and unwittingly pull any countermeasures integrated in. For example, if I redesigned the map selection system for the better, I could hide some code in the same script that handles it.

Solutions Attempted

I tried adding a teleport button to the about window before release, and to trick them into leaving it alone, I made it never show up in studio, to place uploaders, or to my own visitors. However, some plagiarizers have found and broken it. Such as what was described earlier.

I considered adding hard-to-find-and-remove ModuleScript backdoors so I could later, for example, display a message to visitors when the teleport button is broken. However, I left it out as I wasn’t sure about the ethical considerations. It bordered malicious.

Other Notes

I put this in the scripting section as I think the solutions most likely involve scripting.

I see 3 small advantages against them:

  1. My copy is uncopylocked and theirs often aren’t, making it obvious where the reuploads are coming from to anyone who also found my copy. (Thanks default setting!)
  2. If you Search “FE2 Map Test” in Games, you should see my copy lingering around the 6th spot, however, how likely Flood Escape fans would do that with the exact term seems small.
  3. I sent a message to Crazyblox earlier, and he tried the game out, so he knows. However, he hasn’t responded to my later messages, so I think he’s very busy.

Despite that, I feel some plagiarizers look up to me like I do Crazyblox and numerous others. This is because I visited one place as myself, and received hype, which scared me, so I later visited the places as an alt-account to avoid more hype.


I see your problem and how challenging it is. However, you have a un-copylocked place. The whole point of a uncoplocked place is to give any user free access to your place. By checking that box that says “Allow users to copy your place”, you allow users to copy your place. There’s no way around it. It’s not against the TOS and you allow them and give users permission to do that by checking that box.

Also, this has nothing to do with scripting. This post should be moved somewhere else.


I forgot to mention I knew about it not being against TOS. I also thought that the only other solutions would involve scripts.

I know it’s possible to do anything with enough effort on even the most confusing places and models, as I have done against some plane models with well-hidden banner GUIs, and scripts that obfuscated code. I was mainly wondering what I could do to block off the more novice plagiarizers such as who I found as well as deal with the ones that spawned already.

I guess I should edit the post.

To protect from theft, usually a hidden piece of code would be implemented. However, it’s a band-aid solution and anything taken can be removed. The solution to your problem specifically is that there are none. You’ve willingly uncopylocked your place to the public and therefore accept all consequences because of it. I understand your question is on how you should deal with plagiarizers and the answer is it’s impossible. Because you’re giving them access to server code as well, they have the whole game legally.

My solution is to copylock your place and only share it via team create with people that need access. If that isn’t right, then share it via a .rbxl file.

Please refer to the information panel regarding uncopylocking your place again:


It looks like all I can do is have heavily obfuscated pieces of code, attempt to gain good reputation faster than the plagiarizers through various means, and maybe have a hidden ModuleScript call (to patch attempts of plagiarism on the fly) in later versions. It’s digital anarchy, and I stepped in the risky side. LOL!

It doesn’t seem worth going the legal route with copyright enforcement. For one, I’d hate to be that extreme. (Dreaded DMCA strikes.) Also, it’s not financially worthwhile. Though having future place downloads posted on this forum’s bulletin board instead might allow me more options with uploads of those versions.

Thanks for the help.

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Also, it would likely go nowhere because it’s not against the law to take something when you’re giving it away for free.


I appreciate the response but I’m having trouble understanding why the place needs to be open.

Because if I went the entirely copylocked route, It would have made the FE2 map-testing situation no better than if it was never published at all, except that I would have been able to test maps and alone display them while newcomers still can’t.

At least, not without making their own FE2 Map Test game like I did.

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There’s probably not much you can do in this instance besides what is already mentioned but:

From what I see the issue isn’t the sharing of the place. This is done purposefully. The issue is when all credit is removed and/or the original place isn’t found which could expose users to harmful scripts from people who modified it.

The legal solution would be to publish things under a MIT license. But I don’t know if that would be applicable in Roblox. That would give a legal case against those who removed credit while giving them free reign to modify it.

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Unfortunately I don’t believe publishing under an MIT license is applicable on roblox due to the clear warnings given of what uncopylocking a place represents.

In general this is a tough problem, because no matter what you put in to stop people, others can remove it. It’s up to you to weigh how much time and effort you want to put in to obfuscating code/hiding scripts with credit. The more effort you put in, the more effort someone will have to put in to remove it. But in the end, someone determined enough will always win while it’s uncopylocked.


Such is the nature of digital security in a nutshell unfortunately :frowning:


Maybe you can make a module script that your game NEEDS to have to be able to function, and the script also puts in credits that they cant remove without editing the module script

The best way to fight this lisencing your free code
and building your own ToS however there is 1 more way I fount to prevent this, I did a clear research on this and the best way to do that is encryption of your code. if you encrypt your code and put a anti-cheat in it that will detect if place is stolen then re-direct to your own place, you can prevent this. Otherwise with a basic way you can disable loadstring feature but I dont think that will clearly work, I think roblox would take a action for this. A game you gave for free doesnt means people can look into source of it, You would encrypt your code with different and clever ways so people cant read them since roblox doesnt allow developers to read users data there is no other way except injection preventing or injection force.