Filter in Studio Settings

No longer will you need to scroll through endless settings to find exactly what you are looking for. As of recently, we have shipped a filter in Roblox Studio Settings that should give you the power you have been searching for all these years.

Here is a video of this powerful new tool:

We hope you enjoy this improvement as we begin barreling towards 2020!

Huge shout out to @IcyTides and @wengawenga for making this feature happen.

Apologies to all the people that thought this would be about a coffee filter.


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At first I thought this was searching Properties. That would also be just as helpful :smiley:


I was kind of hoping that this would allow us to test the chat filter in Studio settings, since my mind defaulted filter to the chat filter system. Guess that’s not the case.

This Quality of Life update is appreciated as an alternative, I guess. Next on the list is an explanation of the settings that aren’t well known or lack them (off to Developer Hub with me).


You can already filter the properties window.


We desperately need more QOL features/changes in Studio. This is a step in the right direction!


This is a great QOL change. On my lower end laptop, I tend to swap between high and low quality levels to get a look at how all devices see a build (my laptop is really old and the fan isn’t the best, so I’d only do this on my laptop). While I didn’t exactly expect a change like this, it’s definetly welcomed and will prove useful in finding settings to toggle in the future.

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Thanks for this, I always would take a few minutes to find what I was looking for. Looking forward to future updates to make things easier.


Great! This is a very thoughtful update and will most certainly help me in the future!

Endlessly finding stuff was very hard, however, properties was an option, but I am sure this will turn out better! :+1:


Amazing! :smiley:

This update is just what I needed now I can spend less time finding stuff and more time on developing.


I have truly been searching for this for a while now. Thank you for this quality of life update.


This is a nice change, and makes me think that it’d be also cool if plugins were able to set filters or highlight a setting or a property.


All my years of memorizing the location of settings… Wasted! :frowning:

This is a welcome addition.


QoL updates are always the best updates. I always had trouble fumbling through the studio properties and guessing which tab it’s in. This is greatly appreciated.

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It truly is a welcome addition.

Even if I haven’t struggled a lot while looking for specific settings, this can definitely help many people.

Years of academy training wasted!


Oh man, you have no idea how may times I brush over the setting I’m looking for not seeing that it’s right in front of my face. I just… I love it. Epic.

Glad that we now have this nifty little feature. As others have said, I hope we go get more QoL content for studio soon.

A well thought out update. It will really be useful. No more having to scroll down. Good update!

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I personally have spent a lot of time searching for settings, so this is a great feature!