September 2019 Recap: Everything you may have missed

Hey developers,

A whole lot of cool changes and improvements came to the platform in September! Grab a Bloxy Cola and let’s reminisce.

Job Listings

Roblox is hiring! We’re looking for members of our developer community to fill these roles:

  • Front End Lua Engineer - Growth: apply here.


We’d like to thank all of the developers who participated in live-ops events during September!

2 Player Secret Hideout Tycoon
Egg Simulator
Ghost Simulator
Seconds Till Death
Theme Park HeideLand
Tower Defenders

Want your game featured for a live-ops event? Read all about how here: Roblox 2019 Events Update

Updates and Changes

There’s a new type of Medium article in town! :cowboy_hat_face:

We’re changing up the content that we show you on our Medium publication. Read the announcement for more info and a link to apply with a technical topic you’d like to write about!

Studio is Ending Support for Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

Sorry to anyone who’s still on Mac OS X 10.9 - you should consider upgrading! Studio will stop supporting this version of Mac OS X on November 1st, 2019.

Changes to the International Category

Our International Category got some much-needed love last month! We turned all of the language-specific subcategories into their own categories with organized subcategories. What’s more: they’re opt-in!

Filter in Studio Settings

We added a search bar to the Studio Settings menu. Now you can find those elusive settings just by searching for them!

Monthly Game Stats Temporarily Unavailable

Unfortunately, we encountered a bug with the monthly game stats we send out to developers of the top 1000 games of each month. We’re still making progress on a fix for this!

New ContentId format for easy thumbnail loading

Loading thumbnails has never been easier! The new RbxThumb ContentId format allows you to quickly and easily load thumbnails.

Big Changes to StreamingEnabled

We released some pretty significant changes to the way StreamingEnabled works, including a pause mode for clients that aren’t quite caught up to the game around them.

Trackpad gestures!

We’ve given trackpad users full camera control without having to hold down the right mouse button. Check out the announcement for more details and the next steps for trackpad functionality.

Roblox Premium is here!

The big announcement… Roblox Premium! We launched Premium around the world in September. There’s a lot of big news for developers, so be sure to check out the breakdown in that announcement.

We had a blast releasing all of these cool updates this month, and you can certainly expect October to be very exciting :wink:.

Developer Relations


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Most of these features are seriously great, and I can’t appreciate them enough. But a lot of developers including me are wondering when archiving for uploaded assets and 64 bit servers will be coming to studio. Are there any estimations on when those features will be released?


September has been a very relaxing month in terms of updates. Things from the summer rush are settling in, school is well on it’s way (and moving surprisingly quickly - I mean, it’s already October now) and it’s generally been a calm month overall.

I don’t have a retrospective to offer for September as I usually have prepared for each month. This month has definitely had it’s share of goodies to cheer for, but I don’t feel there’s been enough worth raving about that I need to go and do my usual spiel. Not that it’s bad, but there’s just not much to say.

Thanks for your tireless work and to the heroes at Developer Relations who are keeping us developers up to date on the latest on the platform. Also a huge thanks to Developer Engagement for managing the DevForum which is ever expanding.

Postscript: Speaking of the DevForum, congratulations to the new Community Sage @PeZsmistic and the new Post Approval Team Member @byc14. In addition, 7-8 new Top Contributors have been welcomed on board, so welcome to the club!


I really enjoyed September Recap. Everything was great on my terms, which made ROBLOX even better. This was an awesome month with amazing updates.

Wish I had a Bloxy Cola to toast for this month! :upside_down_face:


grabs sparkling water instead
Oh yeah, this month was amazing! :+1:t6: Can’t wait for october updates!

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I really have nothing to say but how all roblox developers have been doing an amazing job to make roblox a better place,while working on new features such as @EgoMoose Portal Feature and everybody else!


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