Filter the classes shown in the new Docs site API reference

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to find specific classes on the new Docs site’s engine API reference page. At the time of writing, the API reference looks like this:

Of these classes, relatively few of them of them are actually useful for developers and finding the ones that are requires filtering through a lot of noise on the page. The sidebar is no better, with a similar level of noise that makes picking out useful classes all but impossible:

It would improve this page’s usability if classes that had no use to developers (such as services that aren’t useful to developers under any circumstances) were filtered out of this api reference, as it would decrease the noise on the page.

Please only filter classes with no utility (such as AssertImportService) and not ones with niche utility (like ArcHandles).



Thanks for flagging this! It’s something we’re actively looking into.

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