The Future of Creator Documentation - Docs Site Beta

Hello Creators,

We believe that comprehensive documentation is a key part of enabling Creators to make great content on Roblox. This is why we have been investing a lot of time and energy into overhauling everything around the documentation you see on Roblox today, whether that be Luau/Engine API reference, tutorials, guides, or anything in between.

We’re excited to announce the open beta of a new resource - the Docs Site! Today, this holds all of the Engine API reference, as well as newly categorized guides. As the Docs team continues to migrate the longer-form content from Developer Hub over to the new Docs Site, you will find that the DevHub is slowly deprecated, and eventually entirely replaced.

The Docs Site is built using the more modern visual identity you can already find on Creator Dashboard and Talent Hub, which takes us one step further towards unifying all of the resources.

Internally, the documentation authoring pipeline has been overhauled as well, which makes it easier for Roblox Staff to fully document the features they release. Eventually, we plan to enable community-sourced suggestions as well.

This is a major milestone in our efforts to provide great documentation but is definitely not the end of the road. We’re continuing to invest in documentation, as well as the new Docs Site. This will include comprehensive documentation for Open Cloud APIs, improved search, and more. As we progress through the Beta, we will be focusing on QoL improvements as well.

We can’t wait to hear what you think!


The Creator Resources team


Why is the Docs Site hosted on

  • A big initiative for us right now is to unify the different resources we offer Creators so that it’s easier to navigate between them. This includes pulling them into a shared domain, and we can’t wait to talk more about unification in the future!

What’s happening to the Developer Hub?

  • Right now, it will continue to be accessible. The Engine API will no longer be updated on the Developer Hub, however, so it is recommended that you use Docs Site to look at the API reference. We will start forwarding DevHub links over the next few months, and eventually deprecate the Developer Hub entirely.

How can I report a bug or suggest improvements?

  • We love to hear what you think! This is one of the main reasons we have launched as a Beta; to get everyone’s feedback as early on as possible. Please report any bugs you find here, and tell us about cool features you want to see added here.

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I love the new UI. Its much more cleaner AND all the typos and minor edits from the mega thread are now fixed.

As long the documentation as just as reliable as before, I don’t mind this.

Edit: The Search Function is INFINITELY better! I’m loving this already.


This is really cool!

Will it be fully replacing DevHub | Roblox in the near future, and replacing it in Google? (example: i search “Roblox RunService”, and shows up)

If so - very cool! I love to see it supports Dark Mode.

and what @ValiantWind said, the search is a million times better. already loving it, good work!



Plugin dev tutorials any time soon?

QuickType.V4.Class.Default is a very cool Luau type, I cant wait to see what people do with it!


This is really nice! It’s a huge step-up from the Developer Hub site. I’m really excited for community-sourced suggestions!

The search works a lot better than before. I also really like the codeblocks.
I’m not entirely sure what the maximize button on the codeblocks is supposed to do as it doesn’t seem to do anything for me - I also think it’d be nice if, instead of headings that just contain the name of the function/property and its type, if the entire function signature could be shown, like this:

Along with this, the “Parameters” table and the other tables that look like it take up quite a bit of space and I think some of their padding could be removed.

It would be nice if the tag names were more friendly - instead of “NOT_REPLICATED”, it could be “Not Replicated” and clicking it would link to a page containing information about what that actually means.


Always great to see an improvement to documentation which is one of the most important resources to developers whether novice or veteran. I frequent documentation to check my usage of certain functions so I’m excited to see this update pushed through.

An immediate issue I have with the site is that the sidebar isn’t anchored, so when I’m far down in a page I can’t select anything off the sidebar without scrolling all the way back up. Additionally, the Classes panel is huge and obscures other options when I’m trying to scroll (in fact, there’s no bar!).


Already found a bug :grimacing:

Im glad this is still only in beta. The UI still needs lots of work.


This is absolutely great news, API documentation before was very frightening to new programmers and a new more clean user interface which doesn’t have inherited properties expanded is really something that was necessary.

Even though there was a collapse button in the old documentation, the pages were so long because by default, everything was showing at once and it was overwhelming.


What is the license for content found on the Docs Site?


It’d be great if the sidebar followed you as you scroll


This looks pretty promising, however I’ve immediately noticed a few things:

  1. the giant list of classes and instances includes a bunch of hidden services and classes that we can’t actually use. It would be nice if we can filter all of these out, or have an option to show hidden instances/services. The list right now is massive!

I also haven’t been able to find a class tree. Maybe it’s because I’m on mobile and I just can’t find it, however that would be nice to have.

Finally, the formatting I’ve found kind of quirky on mobile. Would be nice if this was changed to be more readable.

One question, what’s gonna happen to the onboarding page to the devhub? That was the very first thing I thought of.

I like there this change is going. Can’t wait for it to leave beta with all the bug fixes it needs.


I just really hope the search function on this site will work better than the painful DevHub search. Can’t wait to try it


Nice its finally out, It’s all one resources into one. Much organizedd


This seems like a really neat update!

One thing that I’m particularly excited about are the plans for community-sourced suggestions. There were certain parts of the current documentation that are slowly being deprecated in favor of newer engine updates, and it would be awesome to be able to contribute to the wiki to help other developers find what they need quickly. Is there an ETA on that, or is it still in planning stages?


Can we get the hierarchical class browser on the sidebar back?


ooga booga i love bad scaling/padding



Try it. It’s miles better than the DevHub search.


Great addition! My only suggestion is that you guys divide the topics/things by boxes or make it so it marks the start of something different by highlighting the topic/thing. Here is a picture so you see what I mean:

As you can see they are one after the other, is a bit confusing to know when another topic/thing starts. (My explanation is really bad, but I hope you understand what I mean)

This is a sketch of what I mean by boxes, some cute rounded boxes on the background. Is also too dark, it needs a bit of color.


Very cool to see the docs getting some love but I haaate to see looks getting in the way of functionality again and again.

There’s so much whitespace (even more than the previous devhub) and there isn’t a way to easily see an object’s properties and methods at a glance.

Would love a return to something more akin to the classic roblox wiki in regards to information density and layout