Filtering Bad Content

It has grown to be a pretty big problem that the forum allows bad content that could be offensive/rude to others. It is currently to hard to discuss with other people when spam posts that include inappropriate messages swarm topics. I never came to the devforum wanting to scroll down through arguments and inappropriate content. If Roblox added a more strict filtering system and made the entry requirements higher to reduce arguments + bad content, it would improve my devforum browsing experience. It would make the devforum a overall safe environment for developers to discuss things related to developing.


That would be a mess, as the roblox filter is known to have a lot of exploits or false-positives it would make the forum impossible to use, a better solution would be to blur the message if the filter finds something rude/inappropriate and make it unblurrable for the users that want, or just to blur the tagged words.


This wouldn’t help since users might click on it without knowing what it will show.

I don’t believe Discourse even supports adding your own filter, and yes nobody would want the Roblox filter here, especially not in the private categories where some mild swearing is allowed. I don’t want to be able to unhide content that was flagged by a filter – that defeats the purpose of the filter.

Discourse’s native filtering capabilities are really limited, perhaps a plugin can be used to enhance it.


just put displaimers before unblurring

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well an untoggable filter will ruin it. If we must have it at least we should be able to decide, not all of us are offended by swearing, also false-positives are a pain in the bottom.

The whole concept that people are posting inappropriate content is unacceptable. Improving the default filtering system and having a toggle on toggle off feature would be a great improvement and make browsing a whole lot better.


I am not offended by swearing, heck i do it myself, but stuff like spamming slurs especially on a public category is a big no-no, always. The filter doesn’t stop these cases, which it should. Nobody wants to see this. It’s also bad for PR.


yeah, also because unlike the game not everyone is under 13 here, we do swear so it’s pointless to force a filter, another solution would be to make it togglable only from the settings and the default would be to have it on.

I don’t want a filter here. Around 99.5% of the posts I’ve seen here are not using profanity. I hope Roblox wouldn’t add their terrible filter here just because of the 0.5% of rotten apples.


There is a discourse filter that is not strict and is already in place. I was more asking for that filter to be improved by a plugin or something so that it is more strict.

I think a filter would be completely unnecessary since I don’t think I’ve even seen any profanity on here. I’ve seen a minuscule amount of disrespect in a couple of threads but I highly doubt a filter could even prevent that.

I believe users on the forum should be able to interact respectively with one another and hold appropriate levels of behaviour, regardless.

Why do we need filters when we have flags? Flags offer the opportunity to receive a consequence and hopefully learn from it, which the former doesn’t offer. At this point, it just comes down to visibility, which shouldn’t be a concern considering they would be removed anyways. I believe filtered text should have a repercussion alongside it, but I don’t see how this is any different from the purpose of flags. And, I’m not so keen on relying on an automated system. IMO, it’s unnecessary. Swearing has different contexts so someone should manually approve of it (flags) instead.

On the other hand, there’s the extreme language that users usually wouldn’t use, which is why it’s safe to filter them.

Btw, can someone clarify if filtered text comes with a consequence?

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The members of the forum are the filters, there is a flag option for a reason.


That’s not the point. Yes people can flag posts, but it still takes a while before a mod entirely removes the post. This means people can still read the post after it is flagged.

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That’s actually a pretty good idea. I still think they should nudge up the requirements just a bit to reduce the amount of bad content.

Recently there was an argument that occurred and spam posts were created containing the N-word. It is one of the worst curse word in the English Dictionary and it should not be acceptable. It also breaks about 4 of the rules on the devforum including racism. This is not acceptable for a friendly environment.

Flagging helps in some way but someone can click read flagged message and look at the post containing bad content. Maybe a filter that removes a post from that topic if it contains bad content just for people that turn on the filtering. If it isn’t on, then the post remains and the person can check the post out assuming they are not offended by the post. A warning next to the flag would also be pretty useful.

In all I still think a normal filter would be good, but some of us like me are unaffected when seeing curse words. It is mainly because racism and hate speech shouldn’t ever be on the forum as it is a place to discuss with other devs.

Adding a filter would be a bad idea. There would be a lot of false positives, and besides, people would always find a way to bypass the system. If you see someone unnecessary swearing, just flag it. If they do add this feature, maybe just allow filter words with all the words in the book in unlocked categories.

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While fiddling around with my own Discourse forum, I did stumble upon a plugin for Discourse and the subsequent API that the plugin depends on.

From personal experience when adding the API onto a Discord bot as an experimental filter, most of the messages that it removed were messages that I would personally consider as rude or offensive towards another user. From what I can tell, the filter level can also be adjusted to allow for more or less freedom in messages.

The plugin will also filter messages before they are sent to the thread, reminding users to once again be friendly with other people. It will give them a second chance to revise what they are going to say and make sure that it isn’t offensive or not very contributional to the forums, thus reducing the number of flags and easing the workload for people going through the flags.