Filtering to Find 3D Models in the Studio Toolbox!

Hi Creators,

We are excited to announce the launch of new filters in the Creator Store on Studio! With these filters, you can now easily search based on detailed attributes such as the number of triangles in the 3D model, included objects, visual style, holiday themes, or physically based rendering.

We hope these filters make it easier for you to find the 3D models you need, whether you’re looking for an equipable gun with physically based rendering or a Christmas-themed city model with a reasonable triangle count.

You can find these new filters in the Creator Store Models filter view now:

Filter categories

  • Triangle count: The sum of the triangle count of all 3D objects in a model, bucketed from ultra high to ultra low. Higher triangle counts aren’t necessarily good or bad; they can indicate high fidelity or poor optimization.
  • Contains: Use this filter to find models that include at least one of the selected objects.
  • Visual style: This filter helps you find models with specific styles, such as anime or realistic, based on their appearances.
  • Graphics: Search for models that feature physically-based rendering.
  • Holidays: Similar to the visual style filter, this option helps you find models with holiday themes.

Please let us know if you have any feedback or questions!


Click here to view the FAQ!

Can I search for models that do not have the selected properties (i.e., perform a “do not contain” search)?

  • No, in the current version, you cannot search for models that do not have the selected properties.

If I use more than one filter category or select more than one filter within the same category, how does the filtering work?

  • Within a category, selections are combined using OR logic, meaning the search includes any results that meet at least one of the selected criteria.
  • Across categories, selections are combined using AND logic, meaning the search includes only results that meet all selected criteria.
  • For example, searching with the following depicted selections would return models that (have High OR Medium triangle count) AND (contain at least one Tool object) AND (have physically based rendering).

Are the new filters only available for Models?

  • Yes, because they are 3D model specific properties. You only see them in the filter view when “Models” is selected from the drop down list.

Are the new filters available on the Creator Store website?

  • No, currently the filters are only available in Studio. We plan to launch them on the web Creator Store in the near future.

What are the exact triangle count ranges used for each Triangle Count selection?

  • The range is periodically adjusted as the models available in the Creator Store change over time. Therefore, we do not publish the exact triangle count ranges or allow filtering based on absolute counts. Keeping them as buckets also enables future enhancements such as normalizing the triangle count by the volume of the 3D model. We hope this approach makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for (e.g., “I am looking for tree models with an above-average number of triangles”) more quickly, without needing to understand specific triangle counts (e.g., “I need between 4000 to 6000 triangles for a high-fidelity tree model”).

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Model filtering is cool, especially this granular, however, searching is broken in a different place;

The predictive search algorithm on the Audio tab is completely broken.

I search for a song with a specific name, lets say, “Fire Alarm”, because I’m trying to find a variant of the licensed music, and instead, I get fire alarms with unrelated names.

I get the purpose here, but it would be nice if it still took the name of an audio into account when I search.


I’d like some specifications on the number of “ultra low” and “ultra high” of the triangle count. Cool update though


Neat update. One thing the toolbox needs now is to filter whether or not Roblox assets appear or not, it keeps flooding the Audio category and it’s really overwhelming…


Well most audios are roblox made now, now that they are opening the marketplace back up this should not be as much of an issue soon.


GJ. We need bigger asset window
Because this one is too small. And icons are too big people are not blind.


I agree, and sometimes the search even breaks when I turn on Unverified and Shortest first.


Can you also add filters for sound effects in the toolbox for audio (we had it before, why remove it?)? As well as improving the search results, because I don’t like scrolling through a billion music sounds just to find an explosion sound effect.


Will there ever be a filter for Accoutrements/Accessories?

I often find myself using re-textures of popular accessories that others have uploaded to the toolbox to dress up NPCs in my games & this would make it much easier to find them!


This was sorely needed for a long time. Now we can search on more parameters to narrow the focus of the search without having to look at hundreds, if not thousands of models. Now to get better search tools for the other categories.


your issue is literally the exact opposite of mine. i search for something like “lantern sound” and i get random music crap uploaded by roblox like “Cloak and Dagger (a 15)” and “Wander Waltz (sting)”, which are COMPLETELY unrelated to lanterns in any manner.


I don’t know if you heard, but there’s this thing called the Asset Manager.


This can be easily fixed by searching for songs uploaded by the Roblox account.


omg really? Then why if I want set image on instance I see always this?


(cc. @Zero_Protocol)

Fire Alarm (Underscore) is not what I’m looking for, I’m looking for other variants of the music, also the issue that you [Exodim] mentioned does still happen to me, filtering by Roblox doesn’t fix the issue.


Can we have library genres please?


To find good music, i recommand 118 RBX plugin, you can also use apm music website and this plugin together

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I have a question do we have to use that new stuff for models not well?

Could we get an update to the audio tab? Not sure about anyone else but I consistently get search results that are not accurate to what I entered.

I should be able to filter by a genre of music, tempo (i.e. fast/slow), and artist. If I search for the name of an audio I would expect audios with that name or similar to appear, not songs seemingly selected at random like it returns currently.

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