Find the Hats! - Upcoming Roblox Game!

Hello! I’m making a game were you have to find the Roblox hats to get to the next level! Please tell me what I can add​:heavy_plus_sign:, fix :hammer:, or remove​:heavy_minus_sign:.

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I will add a Winners Zone Soon.

Im going to make it so theirs one player, I may add a two player version.

Along with @Deserted_Cinnamon, we have noticed that the game is not scripted so there is no point in testing or verifying it.


It is actually, Im just trying to figure out what happened to the rest cause theirs supposed to be 3 stages, make a new server by rejoining

After resetting the server, Everything is functional now.

What Im going to add:
In-Game Currency
Hat Proximity Prompt

What I’m not going to add:
Stage Skips - I want players to be able to speed run this.
Realistic/“Better” Looking Obby Levels - I Want this to look like a classic Roblox Game, thats why I had studs.

Honestly, this game was rather dry. The maps were bland and had no detail nor challenge to find the hats. The scripting was minimal and you could tell it likely didn’t have much time put in to it. Overall it wasn’t the best experience.


The maps are going to get harder the more your progress it, I started making this game like an hour ago, give me time people

Whats wrong with the scripts? I dont see the effort factor being bad, none of the scripts are short at all heres an example

local Hat = script.Parent
local DoorActivatingPart1 = workspace:WaitForChild("DoorActivatingPart1") -- change location if wrong
local debounce = false

local function PressedButton()
	if not debounce then
		debounce = true
		-- activates the part
		DoorActivatingPart1.CanCollide = false
		DoorActivatingPart1.Transparency = 0.5


		-- deactivates the part
		DoorActivatingPart1.CanCollide = true
		DoorActivatingPart1.Transparency = 0
		debounce = false

Hat.Touched:Connect(PressedButton) -- triggers the function in the parentheses when touched

I get confused when people have problems with the maps, The Maps are Test Maps, do you want me to make it like difficulty obby levels or what? I guess I can add color to the Obbies themselves but their not going to stand for difficulty.

If its a game about finding hats, I suggest making maps with effort. They look low quality, and they are easy to beat. I recommend hiding the hats and make a decorated stage for each level.

Example of maybe a starting map? -

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Well, it’s a start. Could use some terrain, and a bit more challenge.

I feel as if releasing a game before having a finished product is just post farming and it isn’t what this topic is about. We want to see what YOU do, not what you want to do.

Like the game mechanics themselves had a very simple and lacking part, I now realize that you had no mechanics and just had scripts put in random hats, which isn’t pretty either.

As I said before, I am willing to give feedback on something that is finalized, or an concept, but when you release a game and post it here for clout or exposure and visibly didn’t put any effort in to it, then it’s only expected to get brutal feedback

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This game is pretty simple and a bit boring as well. The last level just drops the player off of a part, and there is no guidance on what to do. Along with all of this, the levels lack depth; there is no challenge in touching a floating hat by walking to it. I recommend adding more levels, adding some colors and decorations, and creating a tutorial.

The game might not be ready to share then—maybe give it a bit more time before you ask for feedback.

This script is actually pretty short and simplistic, and with a bit more effort, the game could be vastly improved.

Once again, you should maybe have a more complete product before sharing it on the forum.

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Now this is a great example! I can do that!

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This is because I’m not actually done yet, I was working on this late at night at 9:00 PM

I will add a tutorial then to help players understand how to play

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Not in random hats, Im actually doing them by how much robux they cost, thats why most of the hats look old.

Level 3 Has a cage were you have to activate a cage to actually get the hat from, I will create a tutorial, adding more levels, and making the maps more harder.

Im not complaining at all, Im just giving my personals opinions about something somebody wants, im the developer after all, I don’t need to include ideas I don’t like and I dont think that anyone’s ideas are bad.

If your talking about the maps thing, I just was confused and questioning the idea, that is not complaining.